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South Carolina AAAA State Championships (please contact Sandy Lawson if you have more information).

Mauldin High Top 5 Individual State Meet performances

 1. Gary Arnold 15:30  1984 Fort Jackson Course (5k school record)

2. Mike Cason 15:34 1984 Fort Jackson-State Championships

3. Eric Fearn 15:36 1984 Fort Jackson- State Championships

4. Sean Correll 15:43 1984 Fort Jackson- State Championships

5. Matt Watkins 15:48 1984 Fort Jackson - State Championships


Team Performances at State by year

2013 State Team (STATE CHAMPIONS - Time Average 16:33) - Ryan Smith (All State, All Region), Zachary Girvin (Team Captain, All State, All Region, Shrine Bowl Runner), Sawyer Willingham (All Region), Zach Marion (All Region), Brayden Leopold, Scott Sweet, Jacob Hood, Eddie Laiewski

2012 State Team (STATE RUNNERS UP-2nd Place- Time Average 16:27)- Marc DeLisle (All State, All Region, MVP), Sawyer Willingham (All State), Jeff Sinkele (Team Captain), Zach Girvin (110% Award), Ryan Smith, Zach Marion, Mitchell Laser

2011 State Team (5th place - Time average 16:54) Noah LaBelle (All Region, Co-MVP, 110%), Jeff Sinkele (All Region, Team Captain), Marc DeLisle (All Region, Co-MVP), Zach Girvin (110% Award), Daniel Schlepphorst (Team Captain), Ryan Smith, Sawyer Willingham (110% Award)

2010 State Team (6th place - Time average 17:09) Marc DeLisle (Co-MVP), Sawyer Willingham, Michael Moore (Co-MVP, Team Captain), Charlie Cook, Daniel Schlepphorst, Jeff Sinkele, Austin Hood

2009 State Team (11th place - Time average 17:44)  Tyler Tesch (Co-MVP, All Region & Shrine Bowl), Daniel Weekes (Co-MVP), Sawyer Willingham, Michael Moore, William (Teddy) Buckner, Austin Hood, Graham Harris (Team Captain)

2008 State Team (5th place - Time average 17:21) Tyler Tesch, Daniel Weekes, Eric Lawson (All Region, MVP, Team Captain), Kris Lacer, Sawyer Willingham (110% Award), Graham Harris, William Buckner

2007 State Team (9th place - Time average 17:39) Eric Lawson (All Region, MVP, Team Captain), Matt Abraham (All Region & 110% Award), Daniel Weekes (110% Award), Graham Harris, Kruger DeKlerk, William Buckner, Tyler Pommerenke 

2006 State Team (3rd place - Time average 17:08) Chad Holt (All State-5th, All Region, MVP, 110 % Award, Team Captain & Shrine Bowl), Zach Shuba (110% Award), Joseph Bell (110% Award), Kevin Kulik (110% Award), Jared Porter (110% Award, Team Captain), Eric Lawson (110% Award), Taylor Harris (110% Award) 

2005 State Team (5th place - Time average 17:29) Chad Holt (State Champion & MVP, Region Champion, Team Captain), Daniel Gomez, Joseph Bell, Jared Porter (Team Captain), Alex Abercrombie, Taylor Harris, Kruger DeKlerk 

2004 State Team (8th place - Time average 18:13) Chad Holt (All State-6th & MVP, All Region, Team Captain), Daniel Gomez, Alex Abercrombie, Ryan Koba (Team Captain), Joseph Barton, Jared Porter, Austin Yoder 

2003 State Team (10th place - Time average 17:30 at Fort Jackson course) Chad Holt, Jake Barwick (Team Captain), Jackson Snader, Riley Dorton, William Coleman, Ryan Koba, Austin Yoder

2002 State Team (18th place - Time average 18:37) Jake Barwick (Team Captain), Chad Holt, Ryan Koba, Wyatt Chocklett (Team Captain), Doug Ianuario, William Coleman, Jared Porter

2001 - Did not compete at State

2000 - Did not compete at State

1984 Team - Best State team in Mauldin History  Gary Arnold 15:30  1984 Fort Jackson Course (5k school record) ;  Mike Cason 15:34 1984;   Eric Fearn 15:36 1984 ;Sean Correll 15:43 ; Matt Watkins 15:48 1984  


1983 AAAA Boys


1985 AAAA Boys 

1994 AAAA Boys

1995 AAAA Boys

2013 AAAA Boys



1984 AAAA State XC Champion - Gary Arnold-

 (Fort Jackson course *School 5k record* 15:30)

2005 AAAA State XC Champion - Chad Holt (Sandhills course 15:59)



Top Individual ALL REGION Performances (since information listed on internet)

Chad Holt 

2003 4th place 16:33 at Westside High (Region I AAAA)

2004 2nd place 16:56 at Milliken course

2005 Region Champion 16:21 at Milliken course

2006 3rd place 17:05 at Dorman course


Jake Barwick

2003 3rd place 16:30 at Westside High (Region I AAAA)

2002 3rd place 16:27 at Greenwood High (Region I AAAA)


Eric Lawson

2007 5th place 16:53 at Dorman course

2008 6th place 16:51 at Dorman course


 Tyler Tesch

2009 4th place 17:08 at Heritage Park


Noah LaBelle

2011 3rd place 16:46 at Heritage Park


Jeff Sinkele

2011 4th place 16:47 at Heritage Park


Marc DeLisle

2011 5th place 16:51 at Heritage Park

2012 5th place 16:37 at Dorman Course

Charlie Cook

2012 7th place 16:46 at Dorman Course

Zachary Girvin

2013 5th place 16:34 at Dorman Course

Ryan Smith

2013 7th place 16:37 at Dorman Course

Zachary Marion

2013 8th place 16:54 at Dorman Course

Sawyer Willingham

2013 10th place 16:59 at Dorman Course