(2009 - 2010) - Dance Team

Head Coach - Katie Stapleton

MAVS Booster Rep - Jill Kelly
MAVS Website Reporters - Jill Kelly & Des Kelly 

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MHS Dance Team Tryout Meeting-Wednesday, April 14th

There will be a meeting for all students interested in trying out for the Mauldin High Dance Team on Wednesday, April 14th in the MHS Media Center at 5:30pm.  A parent/guardian must also attend the meeting. Tryouts for the 2010-2011 Dance Team will be held from April 19th-21st at the high school.  All students currently in grades 8-11 who are attending Mauldin High School next year may try out.   Please contact Katie Stapleton at 355-6556 or kstapleton@greenville.k12.sc.us  if you have any questions or are unable to attend.



Mauldin Dance Team 2009-2010

Ambrose, Courtney  11th

Ambrose, Maggie  9th

Arenas, Natalia  11th

Benson, Kinsley  12th

Boone, Rachel  12th

Cobranchi, Alyssa  10th

Kelly, Katie  11th

Kouten, Ashley  11th

Leisgang, Allison  11th

Leisgang, Jill  11th

Murphy, Mariessa  12th

Ryan, Hannah  11th

Schweitzer, Sarah  9th

Sewell, Michaela  9th

Simon, Paige  10th

Vail, Sydney  9th

Williams, Jasmine  9th

Wolfe, Amber 11th


                                        Spirit of Hope Competition - Second Place


                                                          Our Seniors                                    


                                                              Our Juniors



                                                                Our  Sophmore 


                                              Our Freshmen



                                                                     Power Rangers!








                     The following pictures are all courtesy of Gwinn Davis - with many thanks








              Dance Team Camp January 2010 - Our future team members!