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Head Varsity Football Coach - Doug Shaw
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February 2, 2011

Congratulations to Mauldin High Senior Football players Ryan Norton, Jeremiah Mckie, Carson Smith, and Jackie Smith!  All 4 boys signed National Letters of Intent to play football in college! Ryan Norton - Clemson; Jeremiah Mckie - Presbyterian; Carson Smith - The Citadel; Jackie Smith - Greenville Tech. 




The following players were selected to the Greenville All-County Football Team.  This is a great honor for them as we selected out of the 14 Greenville County high schools as well Southside Christian, St. Joes, and Christ Church.  Please congratulate these young men when you see them.

Defense - Carson Smith and Adguary Calwile

Offense - Ryan Norton, Reggie Lomax, Jeremiah McKie, Jonathan McLaughlin, and Jordan Hallums

Jeremiah McKie was also named Player of the Year for Greenville county!

Congratulations to Jeremiah Mckie!  Jeremiah will be representing Mauldin High in the North/South All-Star Football game

The MHS faculty has selected seniors Natalia Arenas, Elizabeth Renwick and Carson Smith as Students of the Year with the Woodruff Road Exchange Club. These students were nominated by the MHS faculty based on academic excellence, citizenship, leadership and service. These students will be honored at a banquet in February and have the opportunity to compete in an essay contest for a $1000 local scholarship and if they score the highest at the local level; a $5000 scholarship at the state level

 Byrnes 44 - Mauldin 14

Varsity Football @ Byrnes Fri. Nov. 12th - 1st round of playoffs


Congrats to the Homecoming King nominees AJ Wingfield, Alston Michael Wright, Carson Smith, Christian Higuita, Drew Stephens, Garrison Pritchett, Jackie Smith, Jake Norman, James Wright, Jeremiah Mckie, Jonathan Herlong, Marty Durant, Reggie Lomax, Ross Emsley, Ryan Mosser, Ryan Norton, and Shyyon Lari !


Carson Smith has moved up in the Wendy's High School Heisman competition!  Carson was named a Wendy's Heisman State Finalist.  He is one of the top 10 boys in the state of South Carolina in the Wendy's Heisman competition! He is one of only 4 Mauldin Students to ever be named a Wendy's Heisman State Finalist - Mark Gettys 2003, Kimmy Gillespie 2003, Eric Lawson 2009 and now Carson Smith 2010!!


Each year the Senior Class votes on awards for their peers called "Senior Superlatives" .  GoMavs Senior Superlative page

Congratulations to -

Class of 2011 -

Best Dressed -Ryan Gaitor, Courtney Calhoun

Best Looking - Ignacio Monchetti, Alex Stone

Best Sense of Humor - Daniel Carton, Lindsay Johnson

Most Intellectual - Shyyon Lari, Alana DeKlerk

Most Likely to Succeed - Ryan Mosser, Drew Stephens, Krista Edwards

Most Athletic -Jeremiah Mckie, Dana Landers

Most School Spirited -Jake Norman, Jessica Lyles

Most Musically Inclined -Cole Monroe, Olivia Howerton

Most Artistic -Jonathan Bolton, Heather Granger

Best All Around -Jonathan Herlong, Laura Berglind

Friendliest -Michael Martin, Carson Barefoot, Symone Stamps

Most Outspoken -Ben Sagara, Shatara Martin

Most Laid Back -Joe Stone, Melissa Palacio Cortes

Most Likely to be a Celebrity- Ryan Norton, Kellie Sinkelle

Most Inseparable Friends- Marty Durant & Eddie Cummings


Wendy's High School Heisman Announcement -

Congratulations to Mauldin seniors Laura Berglind and Carson Smith for winning the Wendy's High School Heisman award for Mauldin High. 

Laura participated in JV Volleyball, JV Soccer, Cross Country, and Lacrosse at Mauldin and is the current Senior Class President.  Laura was also a Junior Marshal for her class.  Laura is the first female to receive the distinguished West Point Leadership award from Mauldin High her Junior year. Laura was named the 1st Runner Up for this year's Homecoming Queen.

Carson Smith is an outstanding football player for Mauldin High and team captain. He is the 2008 and 2009 MVP of Defense, 2010 SC Region 5 Strength Champion, 2010 SC Strength All State.  Carson was recently nominated for Mauldin High's Homecoming King.  He is active student at Mauldin High and a member of the Beta Club, National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, and the SCHSL Leadership Council. In addition to all this, Carson is a top student in the Class of 2011 and volunteers at several community organizations including Family Connections, SC Autism Society, and Miracle League. Carson is currently being recruited by several college football programs as well. 

Mauldin High's Wendy's High School Heisman page




ABOUT THE WENDY'S HIGH SCHOOL HEISMAN  www.WendysHighSchoolHeisman.com

The Heisman name has signified excellence, determination, and prestige among college football’s elite for eight generations. In 1994, the next level of outstanding achievers ensconced their names into the Heisman lore when the Wendy’s High School Heisman (WHSH) was created.

The WHSH program has set the standard for high school student-athletes, and gained tremendous prestige in its own right as the program combines the best of high school athlete and academic awards. Each fall, the WHSH recognizes the nation’s most esteemed high school senior men and women for excellence in academics, athletics, and community/school leadership. Students from across the country become in involved in the WHSH program because these prestigious student recognition awards highlight their accomplishments and the winning students are showcased on a national level.

To date more than 198,000 high school students have represented their schools and have been touched by the Heisman mystique. Of them, 193 have progressed to national Finalist level, with 32 earning the designation of Wendy's High School Heisman National Award Winners.





Mauldin 24 - Mann 14



 Byrnes 27 - Mauldin 24



Carson Smith                                                                                                     Jake Norman and Carson Smith


Jeremiah Mckie                                                                Jordan Hallums

photo credit Gwinn Davis Tribune Times

Mauldin hosts its nemesis Byrnes

Written by Brett Borden   

Thursday, 30 September 2010 16:38

Article Courtesy of GoMauldin.com

Almost every school has a rival that has its number. Even Mauldin’s nemesis, the Byrnes Rebels who they will face Friday night at Freeman Field, has had its problems with Gaffney. But for Mauldin, Byrnes has represented frustration to the nth degree. Take last season, when the Mavericks won a school record 10 games and set 30 team records, yet lost to Byrnes…twice. And neither game was close.

Byrnes leads the all-time series 22-1. Mauldin’s only win in the series came in 1996. Most of the current Mavericks were toddlers then, but this season they hope to shock the Upstate, even if both teams are 3-2.

“They’ve been one of the top teams in this part of the state for quite some time now,” said Mauldin head coach Doug Shaw. “Each and every week somebody is trying to knock them down and beat them. So I’m sure they’re used to that.”

“Losing to them twice last year, that was just the luck of the draw. We have to play them in the regular season every year, but then we got them again early in the playoffs. So there wasn’t much we could do about it as they proved once again they’re capable of making it to the championship game.”

Byrnes lost a lot of talent last year. Unfortunately, so did Mauldin. Byrnes doesn’t rebuild, it reloads, and they are stocked at the skill positions and the offensive line. Offensively, they return six starters from last year.

“They’re a very good football team all the way around,” said Shaw. “Our defensive line is going to be key. They have to get some penetration to make things happen up front for us to have a chance.”

Defensively, Byrnes is just as stout. Speed is the operative word, which changes the approach for the Mavericks’ skill position players.

“They have great team speed,” said Shaw. “When our running backs and receivers catch the ball, they don’t have time to dance. They need to lower their heads and go straight ahead up the field.”

Beat Byrnes. It’s a daunting task, but two teams have been up for it already this season. Can the Mavericks muster some magic? It would more than make amends for last week’s performance against Boiling Springs.

“Our kids have had a good week of practice,” Shaw said. “Hopefully, they’ll be relaxed and just go play. We’re at home, too. Didn’t help us last week, but maybe this week it will. Our kids will be ready.”

Smith named GoMauldin.com Player of the Week

Written by Brett Borden   

Tuesday, 28 September 2010 21:23

Article Courtesy of GoMauldin.com

The GoMauldin.com Player of the Week is Mauldin High School linebacker Carson Smith. Smith played a solid game despite his team’s loss to Boiling Springs last Friday.

“He plays wide open all the time,” said Mavericks head coach Doug Shaw of Smith. “He had to get off of double teams and triple teams all game long. He did a great job and still was able to make some tackles.”

“Sometimes you’re going to get double teamed. That’s part of it. To be able to keep your composure and the composure of the defense around you out there when things weren’t going so well, that’s part of being a big leader.” 

Mavericks o-line handling the pressure

Written by Brett Borden   

Tuesday, 28 September 2010 21:53

Article Courtesy of GoMauldin.com

The left tackle is Jonathan McLaughlin. He’s lovingly referred to as Meat Loaf by his fellow linemen. The left guard is Chris Snyder. The center is man/mountain Ryan Norton, who is headed to Clemson next season. The right guard is Joey Lysic, who is the easiest to pick out on the sideline, due to his Mohawk. And the right tackle is Jake Norman, who aside from Norton is the only returning lineman who even played a varsity snap last season.

They are Mauldin High School’s offensive line, and as they go, so go the Mavericks. If there is one unit facing pressure this week as Mauldin prepares to face mighty Byrnes this Friday, it is them.

“They have a lot of blitz packages that we’re going to have to learn to pick up this week,” said Norton, who as the center and as the natural senior leader of the offensive line will have to call out many of those blitzes. “That’s going to be the main thing we have to work on, I think. They have three people, but send five every time. Every single time. You have to be able to read those and pick them up.”

Offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Lee Taylor agrees.

“We know that Byrnes plays a lot of man coverage on the outside because they have the confidence that they have the athletes to do that,” said Taylor. “That gives them the opportunity to send a lot of people. It’s a package we normally don’t see because we normally don’t see a lot of man-to-man coverage, but we’re practicing really hard and I think the kids are going to be fine with it.”

The offensive line had enough of a challenge when the season started, with so many new faces in new places. They have been given a few more the first five games of the season.

“We’ve had a lot of injuries, which has set us back some," said Norton. "We’ve lost two guards. But I think all around I feel we’re one of the best conditioned groups out here. We run after practice. We do a lot of stuff that keeps us in shape. I feel we’re coming along. We’re not asking what the plays are any more. Just the knowledge of the game is coming along for us.”

“James Wright started at right tackle, but tore his Achilles tendon in the Woodmont game, so he’s out for the year,” said Taylor. “Brody Swift came in, broke his arm, played with a cast on his arm and then sprained his ankle so he’s out.”

“Joey (Lysic) filled in at right guard and did a great job last week. Chris (Snyder) is the left guard and he’s been steady all year. We had some kids who have come in and filled some holes and done a great job so far, and I think we can only get better.”

This is a unit coached by a man who understands them. To know why a person would want to block defensive linemen and linebackers all game long, without any glory, you have to have battled in the pits yourself.

“I grew up an offensive lineman,” says Taylor. “I played it in college. It’s a position you have to want to play. You hardly get any recognition, unless you have a back who gets recognition and thanks his offensive line like Reggie (Lomax) did recently. Those kids don’t get their name called out on the loudspeaker on Friday nights. They don’t get their name in the newspaper. It’s a thankless job but it’s an important job.”

A very important job. In fact, if Mauldin is to beat Byrnes this Friday, the offensive line HAS to play well. Nothing new about that, says Taylor.

“If we’re going to beat ANYBODY, the offensive line has to play well. We go as they go. If they don’t perform well, we don’t perform well.”

So if you’re at the game Friday, look for numbers 51, 77, 76, 50 and 71 in brown and orange. Their performance will tell you all you need to know.

Bulldogs dominate Mavericks 35-14

Written by Brett Borden   
Friday, 24 September 2010 22:34

 For one quarter Friday at Freeman Field, Mauldin and visiting Boiling Springs looked evenly matched. Locked in a scoreless duel, the Mavericks had 61 total yards to 54 for the Bulldogs.

It was all Boiling Springs after that, though, as the Bulldogs cruised to a 35-14 victory that left Mauldin with a 3-2 record as it prepares for perennial powerhouse Byrnes next week.

“We just have to play better and come together and be that family that we preach about all the time,” said Mauldin head coach Doug Shaw after the game. “That’s a doggone good football team right there. There’s no doubt about it. They get after it each and every play, and they’re going to do well.”

“We knew coming in that despite their record, the caliber of teams they had played showed how good they were. They came and did their job and did what they were supposed to do. It’s disheartening and you always hate to lose, but our kids have great character and they’re going to come back Monday and they’ll get ready for Byrnes. It always hurts to lose a game, but you come back and do what you have to do and be ready to go.”

The Mauldin defense handled the bigger visitors well early on. Carson Smith’s five yard tackle for loss stopped the Bulldogs on their second possession of the game, and when Jeremiah McKie found Shamon Oglesby for 26 yards the Mavericks seemed to be in business. But Mauldin just could not consistently string enough plays together to stay with Boiling Springs, and the bigger Bulldogs eventually asserted themselves.

Boiling Springs took over on its own 16 near the end of the first quarter. They marched 84 yards in eight plays, culminating with a Hunter Cummins five-yard touchdown run, to take a 7-0 lead early in the second quarter. It looked like that would be the halftime score, but an 11-yard punt set Boiling Springs up with great field position in the final two minutes of the half. Tyler Leath broke free for a 29-yard touchdown run with 18.5 seconds remaining, giving the Bulldogs a 13-0 lead (the extra point attempt failed).

This was not the time for Mauldin to become generous, but the Mavericks coughed up the ball on their next two possessions, the first of which led to a Taylor Anderson 21-yard touchdown run. The two-point conversion made it 21-0 visitors, and the Mauldin offense finally began to show life.

Reggie Lomax had runs of eight, 23 and 19 yards, but he fumbled on the eighth play of Mauldin’s next drive. Boiling Springs eventually punted and pinned Mauldin on its own one-yard line. A 13-yard Lomax run set up an 86-yard touchdown strike from McKie to Jordan Hallums to finally get Mauldin on the board, 21-7.

When Mauldin got the ball back, Lomax added a 16-yard run, but this time McKie was intercepted on the following play at the Bulldog 28-yard line. Boiling Springs marched downfield and used a halfback option play to score a 45-yard touchdown to go up 28-7.

Boiling Springs added another touchdown before Lomax finished off the scoring with a 54-yard touchdown run.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been shut out in the first half,” said Shaw. “Defense was out on the field a lot, and they got worn down by their running game. But we love our kids and we’re going to push forward.”

 Mauldin opens region schedule with Boiling Springs

Written by Brett Borden   

Thursday, 23 September 2010 22:28 

Article Courtesy of GoMauldin.com

At first glance, the Boiling Springs Bulldogs don’t look all that imposing with the 1-3 record they are bringing to Freeman Field Friday night to take on the Mauldin Mavericks. But a closer look at that record shows just how good the visitors are.

Boiling Springs lost to Gaffney 21-14, Greenwood 17-8 ad Clinton 20-14. That’s three pretty tough opponents right there. The team they beat? T.L. Hanna, the only team that has beaten Mauldin this season.

“Boiling Springs is tough,” warned Mavericks head coach Doug Shaw. “They’re a very good football team that hits hard. That’s something offensively AND defensively that we have to be ready for.”

“They have some good athletes, no doubt about it. We’ve seen two quarterbacks on film, but one of them is really fast. He’s a runner, much like our quarterback. Defensively we have to be ready. We still haven’t played that full game yet.”

Mauldin prevailed against Boiling Springs last season, and Shaw is looking for a similar effort this year to duplicate the result.

“We played well against them last year at their place,” he said. “We made our own breaks. We made several mistakes with three missed field goals, but we competed and were able to come through in the end. Special teams might become a factor. If you have kicks blocked or missed field goals or things like that, it can easily come back to haunt you in this game. Hopefully, this bunch will be ready to do it tomorrow.”

This is the first region game for the Mavericks. A win Friday will be a huge first step in what is looking like a gauntlet on the schedule…Boiling Springs, Byrnes, J.L. Mann, Dorman, Greenwood.  

“I don’t consider anybody we play a slouch by any stretch of the imagination, but this right here is the meat of our schedule,” said Shaw. “We have a tough little run coming right here with the next five games. I think our kids understand that. But we’ve had a good week of practice and I think the kids will be fired up to be playing at home again. It’s going to be good weather so hopefully we’ll have a good crowd.”

Mavericks defense starting to gel

Written by Brett Borden   

Tuesday, 21 September 2010 21:06

Article Courtesy of GoMauldin.com

The Mauldin defense began the season as a question mark. They have played more like an exclamation point for most of the season, including a 36-0 shutout at Westside last Friday.

“We changed our entire defensive scheme from last year,” said head coach Doug Shaw. “We used to run a Shade 50 and now we’ve gone to a 3-5. We just didn’t feel like we had as much depth on the defensive line, and sometimes you have to change because of your personnel.”

For seven of the eight halves the defense has played this season, the new scheme has worked out. They held Hillcrest to seven points, Woodmont to six, Westside to zero, and gave up a very deceiving 17 in the first half to T.L. Hanna when the Mauldin offense coughed up five turnovers.

Senior linebacker Carson Smith says while the unit gave up some big plays early on this season, they have learned to tighten the screws on opposing offenses.

“Towards the beginning of the year we had a lot of new, younger players, so we kind of started out as a bend-but-don’t-break defense,” he said. “But I think we have started turning into a more aggressive ‘Make a name for ourselves’ type of defense as the past few games have gone along. That’s what we’re trying to get to.”

Coach Shaw agrees.

“They ARE getting more aggressive, and I think that mainly has to do with them learning the defense,” he said. “In the first part of August it was all brand new to them. The terminology was brand new, and they were feeling their way through it. I think now they’re more confident in what they’re doing, but still we have a lot of new players.”

“We thought we were going to have more players returning on that side of the ball but that wasn’t to be. Some kids have really stepped up, but it has taken us some time to figure some things out. We’ve moved kids from position to position to figure out where they can help us the most.”

Smith is one of those key returnees. At linebacker he is the quarterback of the defense, pointing here and there before the snap of the ball on nearly every play.

“He’s a big verbal leader out there who also leads by example,” said Shaw of Smith. “We have some other defensive players who have been with us a year or two. Jackie Smith is kind of the ringleader in the defensive backfield, and Adguary Calwile is kind of in charge of the defensive linemen.”

All three have played huge roles this season. Aside from the shutout at Westside, the Mavericks nearly had their third defensive touchdown in four games, a long interception return by Smith that was called back by a blocking penalty.

“We’ve been moving a lot of people around and this last week we kind of got everybody fit in where they need to be,” said Carson. “Now we’re just working together on getting a family type of feel on defense. And scoring touchdowns is definitely a goal of ours. If the defense can not only stop their offense but score some points, that’s a big thing for us.”

Shaw echoed that sentiment. And he says that because of their alignment, the Mavericks might have to resort to bend-but-don’t-break again before the season is over.

“When the defense can keep you in the game, it’s the offense’s job to put points on the board,” he said. “When the defense can put points on the board themselves, that’s even better. They’re getting there. We’re getting ready to face some teams that are going to run it right at us, so we have to buckle down and get ready.”

McKie named GoMauldin.com Player of the Week

Written by Brett Borden   

Tuesday, 21 September 2010 19:54

Article Courtesy of GoMauldin.com 

Jeremiah McKie resembled a throwback player in Mauldin’s 36-0 victory at Westside last Friday, excelling on both sides of the ball, and for that he has been named GoMauldin.com’s Player of the Week.

McKie’s interception led to the first Mauldin touchdown, then he ran in two quarterback keepers himself to give the Mavericks a quick 21-point lead.

“When he started playing C team four or five years ago, we didn’t know quite what to do with Jeremiah,” said head coach Doug Shaw. “We knew he had potential to be a quarterback, but we had his older brother Josh here playing that position. When Jeremiah came up he started playing as a defensive back. Then he played some receiver the next year. Then when Josh got hurt, Jeremiah was playing backup and he went in at quarterback. Jeremiah remained there as the starter and Josh went to receiver, and both had a great year.”

McKie ran and passed for two touchdowns (eight total) in Mauldin’s first two victories over Hillcrest and Woodmont. He helped solidify a defense that not only posted a shutout at Westside, but had a long touchdown return called back (illegal block).

“We can do a lot of things with him,” said Shaw. “He can even return kickoffs and punts. Not only can he play a lot of positions, he’s a big leader on the field for us.”

Mavericks blank Westside 36-0

Written by Brett Borden   

Friday, 17 September 2010 22:25

Article Courtesy of GoMauldin.com 

The Hanna Hangover is officially over. Citing a great week of practice from his kids, Mauldin head football coach Doug Shaw was all smiles after his Mavericks whitewashed Westside, 36-0 Friday in Anderson to improve to 3-1.

“We were very eager (to play again),” said Shaw. “We had a great week of practice. The week before we did not have a great week of practice. We have some tough kids, and we have some tough coaches, and I knew we’d bounce back. You never know after a loss how they’re going to show up on Monday.”

The defense got it all started, though it was the quarterback who made the first big play. Maverick quarterback Jeremiah McKie, moonlighting as a safety, made the first of three Mauldin interceptions in the first half to set up the first Mavericks touchdown, which came on a nine-yard Reggie Lomax run.

“It’s good to be on the other end of it,” said Shaw of the three interceptions. “Last week we threw five interceptions in the first half. Jeremiah’s a very good football player. We can do a lot of things with him. We decided this week that we needed more help in the secondary. He’s a multi-functional guy.”

You can say that again. McKie scored the next two Mauldin touchdowns on 14 and 15-yard runs to make it 21-0 visitors before the first quarter was even over. It was the third time in four games that McKie has posted more than one rushing touchdown.

In the second period, Daniel Lewis busted a 31-yard touchdown run to make it 27-0. The extra point was blocked, exemplifying a topsy turvy night for the special teams. Mauldin suffered a blocked punt and a blocked extra point, but would make amends in the second half. First, their defense had to get in the scoring act before halftime. A bad snap sent the Westside quarterback running back to his own end zone, where he fell on the ball for a safety. That made it 29-0 at the break.  

In the third quarter, it didn’t take the special teams long to put points on the board. A minute and a half in, Jackie Smith returned a punt 49 yards for a touchdown to complete the scoring. Mauldin held Westside to 119 yards of total offense and forced four turnovers.

“We challenged our kids to play an entire game,” said Shaw. “That’s the closest we’ve come to doing that. The first three weeks I felt like we played one half of football and just kind of showed up for the other half. We played a lot better tonight."

“We still have some things to work on. That’s why we watch film and that’s why we practice, and we’ve got time to get ready for Boiling Springs (next Friday, at Mauldin), hopefully.”

Mauldin     21  8  7  0 -- 36
Westside    0  0  0  0 --   0

M  W  
 7   0    Lomax 9 run (Stone kick)
14  0    McKie 14 run (Stone kick)
21  0    McKie 15 run (Stone kick)
27  0    D. Lewis 31 run (kick blocked)
29  0    Safety (bad snap)
36  0    J. Smith 49 punt return (Stone kick)    


Mavericks ready to rebound against Westside

Written by Brett Borden   

Thursday, 16 September 2010 22:23

Article Courtesy of GoMauldin.com 

Mauldin gets a chance to put the T.L. Hanna loss behind them as the Mavericks travel to Westside Friday. The sting of that loss to the Yellowjackets might go completely away with a good performance seven days later.

“We had a great week of practice, and we knew we would,” said Mavericks offensive coordinator Lee Taylor. “I think the kids are ready to get back out on the field because they know we should have never lost that game. They’re ready to get back out there and show everybody what they can do.”

In their way is a Westside team that is 0-3 this season, losing to T.L. Hanna, Belton-Honea Path and Daniel.   

“Traditionally they’ve been a good football program,” said Taylor. “They’ve been struggling the past couple of years, but from what we’ve seen on film they’re a whole lot better this year, despite their record. They have a really good receiver. Their quarterback throws the ball well. They have a running back who runs really hard. They have a BIG defensive line that comes off the ball really hard. That’s a concern for us right now is how hard their defensive line plays.”

For the second time this season, the Mavericks will play on someone else’s field. Only this time the trip is a little further than the one down I-385 to Hillcrest.

“Our kids have tended to adapt very well when playing on the road,” said Taylor. “We kind of keep the same schedule whether it’s a home or a road game. We just have to leave a little bit early, that’s all.”

“We keep our kids on a schedule and they know the itinerary every Friday. It’s Devotion, food, and get ready to go. I actually like playing on the road better than playing at home because the kids tend to focus a little more. There’s more distractions at home.”

Mauldin football coaches work as one

Written by Brett Borden   

Wednesday, 15 September 2010 20:09

Article Courtesy of GoMauldin.com 

Some of them are white, some black. Some are graying, some are younger. Some are skinny, some…not skinny. The coaches on the Mauldin High School football coaching staff come from all different backgrounds, but the bond between them is uncanny. It all starts with the head man, Doug Shaw.

“My dad coached for years and always told me ‘Surround yourself with good people,’” he said. “We’ve been able to do that here, surrounding these kids with good coaches AND good people.”

Two of the coaches were holdovers from a previous regime. One (Steve Frady, who coaches outside linebackers) is the school’s athletic director.

“Most of this staff came in with me or after me, but Coach Frady and Coach (George) Holtzclaw were two coaches who were here when I got here, and they have remained on staff.”

The rest have been assembled the way most coaching staffs are assembled, through connections in a profession that would be nothing without them.

“Coach (Lee) Taylor is my cousin. Obviously I’ve known him my entire life,” said Shaw. “Coach (Joseph) Terry…I coached him at Myrtle Beach High School. His dad took over at Myrtle Beach after my dad passed away."

“Willie Stewart played here at Mauldin when Coach Frady and Coach Holtzclaw were here, before I got here. James Thompson is the newest addition to our staff. He just graduated from and played football at USC. He went to Sumter High School. He knows a guy that Coach Taylor coached when he was at Southside.”

“Coach Freeman is a pastor. That’s his profession. He used to coach here years ago then stopped to go into the School of Divinity. He’s taken a little break from it to come back out here because he loves football, too.”

Most arrive at the same location every fall afternoon from divergent paths, but the one thing the two things they have in common are a love for the game and a love for each other.

“Fantastic group of guys. I’d coach with these guys forever,” said Shaw. “We all have some kind of connection to each other. When we sit down and start talking, we figure out that we have more connections than we even knew about, just from who we’ve played against, where we went to college, stuff like that."

“We have a blast. We get along so well. We’re all competitors, and we compete on the field which influences our kids to compete. But when we’re off the field, it’s a fantastic group of guys and we do a lot of things together even outside of football. We’re all good friends and colleagues at the same time.”

When the players go against each other in practice, so too do the coaches.

“We’ll go offense against defense, or seven on seven, and you’ll see the wide receivers coach and defensive backs coach both pushing their kids to get better. One group’s success comes at the expense of the other, but we all realize the bigger picture is we’re getting ready for Westside this week and Boiling Springs the week after that.”

Shaw’s coaching staff may not be a democracy, after all he does have the final say on everything. But it’s much closer to democracy than dictatorship. Opinions are like poker hands around here….everyone has one, and everyone wants to see yours.  

“Growing up and being around coaches all my life, I’m fortunate enough to have gotten to know the older coaches around here, including some that are retired. Coach Richardson at Clinton. Of course Coach McKissick at Summerville is still going. A lot of those older guys I was able to be around as a youngster because of my dad, and I value all of their opinions.”

“I treat my guys the same way. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we might not agree. I’m going to make the final decision, but I do like to have input from all of them. They all have a mind of their own and they’re all thinking different things and we always try to figure out the best scenario for what the situation calls for.”

It works. Last season the Mavericks set a school record with 10 victories and Mauldin won its first ever playoff game. If not for rivals Dorman and Byrnes being in the same division, Mauldin could have easily won 11 or 12 games last year.  

A lot of that is Jimmys and Joes. But a lot is also X’s and O’s, sometimes at the expense of Z’s.

“Like I said, it’s just a fantastic group of guys and they work hard,” said Shaw. “No doubt about it. We all work hard and we kind of push each other because we expect the same level of hard work from each other.”


Mauldin Mavericks coaching staff

Head Coach:
Doug Shaw

Assistant Coaches
Lee Taylor
George Holtzclaw
Kevin Czar
Joseph Terry
James Thompson
Steve Frady
Kelly Smith
Willie Stewart
Vardry Freeman
Brian Thompson


 Lomax wins GoMauldin.com Player of the Week award

Written by Brett Borden   

Tuesday, 14 September 2010 18:32

Article Courtesy of GoMauldin.com 

Reggie Lomax won the GoMauldin.com Player of the Week award, but he’s probably the first winner who would trade it in a second…for the win that got away last Friday versus T.L. Hanna, who beat Mauldin 36-35 at Freeman Field.

Lomax carried his team back from a 17-0 deficit, rushing for 211 yards and catching two passes for 69 yards. His 83-yard run helped bring the Mavericks to within 17-14 two plays into the second half.

His 32-yard run set up the touchdown that brought Mauldin to within three points again late in the game, and his 44-yard touchdown reception from Jeremiah McKie gave Mauldin its first lead of the game at 28-24.

Unfortunately Lomax never got a chance to ice the game, as the Mavericks offense didn’t get the ball back until nine seconds remained in the contest.

“Don’t forget to mention your O-Line!” teased his teammates as Lomax accepted the award.

Lomax and his Mauldin teammates travel to Westside High School this week. 

Mavericks stung by Yellow Jackets

Written by Brett Borden   
Friday, 10 September 2010 23:03

Article Courtesy of GoMauldin.com 

T.L. Hanna stunned host Mauldin at Freeman Field on Friday night with two touchdowns in the final minute to come away with a 36-35 win that led to a hive of Yellow Jackets celebrating on one side of the field and everyone else walking around in a state of shock.

“I talked to their coaches after the game and all I could come up with was ‘What a game,’” said Mavericks coach Doug Shaw. “We came in at halftime after giving up five turnovers and challenged our kids to come back and they did. We fought hard and they fought hard and a lot of credit goes to them. It was a good football game between two good football teams.”

It was so good that Hanna, which has already had one movie made about its program (Radio), would probably get turned down if they pitched this one to Hollywood because no one would believe it.

Will Gay scored two touchdowns, one rushing and one receiving, to put Hanna up 17-0 with 2:49 remaining in the first half. But Mauldin was able to get a quick touchdown (extra point blocked) to pull within 17-6 at intermission, despite an astounding five interceptions.

Reggie Lomax ran 83 yards for a touchdown on the first play from scrimmage in the second half, and a Jeremiah McKie to Shamon Oglesby pass for the two point conversion made it 17-14, just like that.  

Then the game slowed down. Hanna ran Gay left, they ran him right, and they ran him up the middle, chewing up the end of the third quarter and half of the fourth before Gay’s 10 yard run made it 24-14, visitors.

Mauldin, much as it did at the end of the first half, was able to march downfield and pull to within 24-21 on McKie’s one yard plunge with 4:07 left. So much for sanity. The rest of the game was mayhem.

Mauldin’s defense stuffed Hanna when it had to, getting the ball back with just under two minutes remaining. Again, they struck quickly, with Lomax scoring on a 44-yard pass from McKie to make it 28-24, Mauldin, with 1:25 left to play. Two plays later, Jackie Smith backpedaled for an interception on his own 35, then ran full speed ahead for a 65-yard touchdown return. With 56 second left in the game, Mauldin inexplicably had a 35-24 lead.

The players could hardly contain themselves. The coaches were high-fiving. The crowd noise was deafening. But soon, so was the silence. Hanna returned the ensuing kickoff 82 yards for a touchdown. Their two-point attempt failed, and with 42 ticks left on the clock they still trailed by a score of 35-30. Everyone knew the onside kick was coming, but it was perfectly executed, climbing over the first wall of receivers and landing on the ground where a Hanna player grabbed it and immediately curled into the fetal position.

Hanna threw two incomplete passes before getting a first down at the 17-yard line with 23 seconds remaining. Two plays later Gay ran through defenders on his way to the go-ahead touchdown. The two-point attempt failed, but the damage was done. Hanna 36, Mauldin 35. One side crying tears of joy. The other too stunned to cry, really.

“We’ll regroup,” said Shaw. “We’ll bounce back when we hit the road next week and go to Westside. After the game, I kind of made reference to the Dorman game last year where we lost 14-12. It was an exhausting game for both teams and everybody played as hard as they could, much like tonight. We came back last year on Monday and got ready. That’s all we can ask them to do. I know they’re upset. I’m tired. Everybody’s tired physically and mentally. But they’ll be fine. We have some kids with great character and kids who will come out next week and be ready to go.”


T.L. Hanna 36, Mauldin 35

T.L. Hanna  7  10  0  19 -- 36 
Mauldin        0    6  8  21 -- 35

H: Gay 32 touchdown reception (Ashy kick)              
H: Ashy 23-yard field goal                                            
H: Gay 8 run                                                                   
M: Lewis 22 pass from McKie (kick blocked)           
M: Lomax 83 run (Oglesby pass from McKie)          
H: Gay 10 run                                                                
M: McKie one run                                                         
M: Lomax 44 pass from McKie                                  
M: Smith 65 interception return                                  
H: Burris 82 kickoff return                                                                                             
H: Gay six run     



Mavericks welcome Yellow Jackets
Written by Brett Borden
Thursday, 09 September 2010 21:10

Article Courtesy of GoMauldin.com 

The 2010 Mauldin Mavericks are starting to look a lot like the 2009 version as they host a talented T.L. Hanna team Friday night at Freeman Field.

“They’re a team that definitely has athletes,” said Mauldin head coach Doug Shaw, who won a team record 10 games last season and has his Mavericks off to a 2-0 start this year, outscoring opponents 90-13. “No doubt about, T.L. Hanna has always had athletes."

“They have a running back this year (JaVontae Brown), who I want to say is about 5-foot-9 and 180 pounds who runs like he’s 6-foot-3 and 250 pounds. He is a HARD runner, and our run defense is going to be tested. He’s a tremendous athlete. They have a lot of team speed and having just looked at their JV kids (Hanna beat Mauldin 42-20 Thursday night), if that’s how their varsity is going to look, they’re going to look fantastic.”

The Yellow Jackets return eight starters on defense from last year, including four in the secondary, so they present a unique challenge to the Mauldin offense, which is clicking on all cylinders.

“It will be a tougher defense,” said Shaw. “They do some things differently. Every week we face someone who does something a little bit different. We’re just going to have to stay focused on what we do. Hopefully we can run and throw the ball and not become one dimensional. If we can do that offensively I think we’ll be fine.”


Mavs Stone a newcomer to football
Written by Brett Borden   

Wednesday, 08 September 2010 11:31

Article Courtesy of GoMauldin.com 

Joe Stone has been playing soccer since he was five years old, and he’ll play for Mauldin High School once again this spring. But it wasn’t until last spring that he had ever worn an American football uniform.

Yet here he is, a crucial component of the Mavericks’ push toward another outstanding season on the gridiron. Stone scored 10 points in last Friday’s 58-6 win over Woodmont, including his first field goal of the season.

“I love his attitude,” said Mavs head coach Doug Shaw. “He made three tackles on the kickoff team last week. Sometimes your kickers are guys who kind of hang back, but he always wants to go down and hit somebody. He has that mentality about him. Just to have him come out and be successful from the beginning is awesome. He really didn’t know how to do anything.”

Before 2010, the only balls Stone had kicked around were spherical in shape. He had watched football, but never worn a helmet and pads before.

“I had no experience at all before this season,” he said. “None. Not even little league.”

So what’s he doing out there now tackling players bigger than he is when he’s not kicking extra points, field goals and kickoffs?

“I’m really good friends with (quarterback) Jeremiah McKie,” he explained. “We were just hanging out, and right before spring practice he asked me if I wanted to come out and kick, and I thought it was a good idea.”

So did Shaw.

“In the past, we’ve had a couple of kickers who played on our soccer team, but they also played football. I went to Coach Siatkowski and some of the other soccer coaches last spring and told them, ‘We’re looking for a kicker. We don’t have anybody.’ Joe said ‘I can do it.’”

And so he was out there viewing the world through a facemask for the first time in his life, kicking a funny shaped ball between two goal posts that are elevated 10 feet off the ground and trying to make all the other kicks that kickers are asked to make.

“We’re still working on his punting,” said Shaw. “He has a strong enough leg that he can do that, too. He’s still learning, technique wise. But kicking if off a tee, he lowers the boom on it and he’s really good at placing the ball where we want it. If we pooch it and tell him we want it on the 35 yard line right on the sideline, he can put it right there.”

It didn’t come right away. It took a little time to adjust to everything.

“I want to say it took like a month to get everything set in, but now everything’s becoming more natural,” he said. “I love it. I love football. I don’t know why I didn’t start playing earlier. The guys have really accepted me,too. I think it’s because I’m really good friends with Jeremiah and we’re always together.”

When soccer style kicking first came into vogue in football in the 70s, most of the kickers were European. One NFL player from that time joked that his kicker once celebrated a made field goal by yelling “I keek a touchdown!” While there haven’t been any funny stories to match that one, Shaw says he does get a blank stare or two when talking to his kicker in football lingo.

“He’s still figuring it all out,” said Shaw. “We’re always explaining parts of the game because he just doesn’t understand it all yet. But he’s so powerful. We have 80 football players out here and none of them can kick, so for him to come out here and do it for us is tremendous. We’re glad to have him."

“He’s been a definite blessing because you have to have a kicker. You just have to. Unfortunately he’s a senior, but hopefully that will get some guys on our soccer team interested in doing the same for us in the future. He’s done a great job.”


Smith named GoMauldin.com Player of the Week

Written by Brett Borden   

Article Courtesy of GoMauldin.com 

Tuesday, 07 September 2010 18:47

Jackie Smith ran the opening kickoff back for a touchdown in Mauldin’s 58-6 victory over Woodmont last Friday. He rushed three times for 21 yards and also played defense.

He did just about everything his coaches asked him to do and did it well, and for that he is the GoMauldin.com Player of the Week.

“He plays defense. He’s on just about every special team we have. And he played a little bit the other night on the offensive side of the ball,” said head coach Doug Shaw.

“He’s a multi-use player that we can rely on. If we need some help somewhere, he’s usually one we can put in there.”

Smith set the tone for the Mavericks right away, hauling in a short kickoff around his 15-yard line and bursting through the middle of the field for a quick six. Truth be told it was a busted play, but one Smith busted for 85 yards.

“I don’t remember what return we had called, but I remember I was over there on the sideline thinking, ‘You’ve got to get wider, you’ve got to get wider,’” said Shaw.

“After looking at it on film it just opened up for him up the middle of the field, and he made a cut and was gone. He has the ability to see a lot of the field. Even though we practice this particular return or that particular return, I can’t fault him for seeing that hole and going for it.”



 MHS Football star Josh Mckie transfers to Tusculum College in Greeneville, TN. We wish Josh the best of luck at his new school!

Joshua's profile 



Postgame Q&A with Coach Doug Shaw

Written by Brett Borden  

Article Courtesy of GoMauldin.com  

Sunday, 05 September 2010 16:55

GoMauldin.com sports reporter Brett Borden caught up with Mauldin head coach Doug Shaw after the game on Friday night to talk about the success the Mavericks had against Woodmont...

On getting two special teams scores to start the game after surrendering an opening kickoff return two weeks ago in the final jamboree tuneup: I coach the special teams along with Coach (Joseph) Terry, and it’s a huge part of the game. If you prepare like you’re capable of preparing, good things CAN happen. I want them to continue to want to get better.

On playing a complete game: We came out in the second half and we were still fired up, but we can still play a little bit better. We’re going to face a T.L. Hanna team that’s pretty doggone good from what we’ve seen on the news so far. We’ll of course trade film with them and see what we can do, but I’m excited for the kids. That was a good game where they really unified and played together. Everybody was on the same page, so that was huge right there.

On the offense: We did a great job. We fumbled the ball a couple of times at the end there, but we got them back. We really worked hard at ball control this past week in practice. We had six turnovers last week. That was a big focus with our running backs and quarterbacks. Our coaches made doggone sure that we were going to hold onto the ball. Little things like that go a long way.

On quarterback Jeremiah McKie getting two more rushing touchdowns and two more passing touchdowns: When you play hard and play excited, good things can happen. You’re going to run into those people where the score might be a lot closer, and that’s where you have to dig down deep and just keep playing. I’m proud of our kids. We’ll practice Monday morning since we’re out of school, and we’ll get ready for Hanna.

On the second team getting to play late in the game and even scoring a touchdown defensively: When our starters came out of the game, and our second team guys went in, the first team guys were over there pulling for them on the sidelines just like they had been pulling for the first team guys all game long. That’s what it’s all about. That’s a team right there and that’s exciting.




 Mavericks dominate Woodmont 58-6 

Written by Brett Borden   

Article courtesy of GoMauldin.com

GoMauldin.com photo gallery


It didn’t take long for Mauldin to assert its dominance over Woodmont Friday night at Freeman Field. Jackie Smith returned the opening kickoff 85 yards for a touchdown and when Joe Stone converted the extra point, the Mavericks already had enough points on the board to win.

Seven touchdowns and a field goal later, they had a 58-6 victory and a 2-0 record heading into next Friday’s matchup with TL Hanna.

“Coach had called reverse left, and when the ball came to my hands, I had a wide open hole in front of me,” said Smith. “Coach always told me to hit a hole like that really hard whenever I saw one, and that’s what I did. I juked one dude and headed downfield with it. It felt good. It felt really good.”

Mauldin’s second touchdown came on a blocked punt that was returned by Shamon Oglesby. Quite a turnaround for a team that surrendered an opening kickoff touchdown and gave up a second after a long punt return two weeks ago in the final jamboree against Wren.

“I coach the special teams along with Coach (Joseph) Terry, and it’s a huge part of the game,” said Mauldin head coach Doug Shaw. “If you prepare like you’re capable of preparing, good things can happen. I want them to continue to want to get better.”

After the two special teams scores, it was the offense’s turn to score. Reggie Lomax and Jeremiah McKie scored from nine and three yards out, respectively, and the Mavericks led 28-0 after one quarter.

Stone kicked a field goal to make it 31-0, then McKie hit Jordan Hallums on a beautiful 34-yard touchdown pass. A bad snap prevented the extra point, but McKie hit Oglesby from 18 yards out and Stone converted on that score to make it 44-0 at halftime.

McKie added another rushing touchdown in the second half to give him eight through two games, four on the ground and four through the air.

“It’s so exciting,” he said after the game. “You don’t even know. Eight touchdowns, you might have expected something like that last year, but you heard people talking about us coming into this year and how we wouldn’t be as good. You can’t listen to that. We’re coming in trying to just play as well as last year. That’s our mentality.”

Once the offense had its fill, the defense got into the act with a 16-yard interception return for a touchdown by Sean Douglas in the game’s final minute. Davion Gregory had 10 tackles for a unit that had held its own this season, giving up a few big plays and two touchdowns, but stifling the opponent more often than not.

“We’re flying to the ball and swarming to the ball,” said Gregory. “It all starts in practice. When it comes to the games, it’s about making plays. It’s all about making plays.”

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Woodmont 0 0 6 0 6
Mauldin 28 16 7 7 58

M - Smith 85 kickoff return (Stone kick)                                     
M - Punt block returned 50 yards by Oglesby (Stone kick)    
M - Lomax nine yard run (Stone kick)                                        
M - Jeremiah McKie three yard run (Stone kick)                      
M - Stone 29-yard field goal                                                        
M - Hallums 34-yard pass from McKie (kick failed)                
M – Oglesby 18-yard pass from McKie (Stone kick)              
W – Davis 25-yard pass from Gregory (pass failed)              
M – McKie one yard run (Stone kick)                                       
M – Douglas 16-yard interception return (Stone kick)     




Reggie Lomax                                                                                 Jackie Smith

Joe Stone                                                                                      Reggie Lomax 



MAVS Beat Hillcrest 32-7 (8/27/10)!!! 


Mauldin Wins Golden Strip Rivalry - Mavericks Take Sixth Straight Game Against Hillcrest
Craig Sanders, High School Playbook Editor

SIMPSONVILLE, S.C. -- Mauldin 32, Hillcrest 7

The last time Hillcrest defeated arch rival Maudlin was Aug. 24, 2007.

Despite the hiring of head coach Greg Porter, the Rams were no closer to breaking the dry spell in Week One.

Coming off its first 10-win season in school history, the Mauldin football team showed promise of another playoff run. Mavericks QB Jeremiah McKie scored a 10-yard rushing touchdown on fourth down during the team's first possession.

The Rams answered with a touchdown of their own immediately after Mauldin's score to take a 7-6 lead. Hillcrest would not find the endzone again.

McKie started his senior campaign with four total touchdowns in a dominating performance over his rival. He threw two in the first half to Jordan Hallums and Alston Wright, and scored another on the ground.

Mauldin (1-0) hosts Woodmont (0-1) and Hillcrest (0-1) hosts Laurens (0-1) in Week Two.

photo credit Gwinn Davis

Jeremiah Mckie throws                                         James Wrights celebrates the TD!

Carson Smith has his eye on the ball    Jordan Hallums runs like the wind


8/27/10            HILLCREST                          AWAY                       7:30 PM


9/3/10              WOODMONT                        HOME                     7:30 PM


9/10/10            T.L. HANNA                         HOME                      7:30 PM

                                        (Rec. Night)


9/17/10            WESTSIDE                            AWAY                       7:30 PM


9/24/10            BOILING SPRINGS             HOME                       7:30 PM


10/1/10            BYRNES                                HOME                      7:30 PM


10/8/10            J.L. MANN                             AWAY                       7:30 PM


10/15/10          DORMAN                              AWAY                       7:30 PM


10/22/10          GREENWOOD                      HOME                      7:30 PM



10/29/10          RIVERSIDE                          AWAY                       7:30 PM


11/5/10            HILLCREST                          HOME                     7:30 PM

                                    (Senior Night)





Mauldin's Ryan Norton commits to Tigers


Mauldin's Ryan Norton commits to Tigers

by David Hood -- Senior Writer

Norton selected the Tigers over Georgia Tech and South Carolina.

Mauldin High School’s Ryan Norton was with his mom and dad getting ready to eat hot dogs following the Mavericks’ spring game on Friday, and figured there was no time like the present to give Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney a call and let him know that he was going to be a Clemson Tiger.

“I knew for a while that it would be hard to beat Clemson,” Norton said late Friday. “Tonight, I just had that gut feeling that I wanted to go ahead and commit because Clemson is just the best fit for me. Coach Swinney was very excited and welcomed me into the Clemson family.”

Norton (6-4, 275) is considered the top center prospect in the state, and will more than likely play on the interior in college. He was also considering Georgia Tech and South Carolina.

Norton said that being able to make such a huge decision with family and friends around made it even better.

“They were all excited,” he said. “They knew I really liked Clemson and they were all congratulating me and stuff. I wanted to go ahead and commit now because from now on I just want to focus on my team, and I don’t want anything else on my mind. But I am very excited to be a Clemson Tiger.”

Lee Taylor, Norton’s position coach at Mauldin, said it is always gratifying to see one of his players earn a trip to the next level.

“As a coach, any time a kid goes off to college to play, you just feel good for the kid,” Taylor said. “We had Taylor Hudson go off to East Carolina last year, and to see Ryan go to Clemson is awesome, especially in seeing where he has come from since he was a 9th-grader. He was playing the C Team, and he never played junior varsity, and then as a 10th grader was thrown onto the varsity. It is really fulfilling to me to see him commit to such a great program.”

Taylor said the fact that the Clemson coaches kept in contact with Norton almost from the beginning made a huge difference.

“He weighed a lot of other schools, but Clemson showed a lot of interest and took care of him from the beginning,” Taylor said. “He got along with the coaches, and I think staying home was important to him. The coaches also did a great job of staying on him, and letting him know they were interested in him.”




The Football team gets ready for practice. 





8/27/10            HILLCREST                          AWAY                       7:30 PM


9/3/10              WOODMONT                        HOME                     7:30 PM


9/10/10            T.L. HANNA                         HOME                      7:30 PM

                                        (Rec. Night)


9/17/10            WESTSIDE                            AWAY                       7:30 PM


9/24/10            BOILING SPRINGS             HOME                       7:30 PM


10/1/10            BYRNES                                HOME                      7:30 PM


10/8/10            J.L. MANN                             AWAY                       7:30 PM


10/15/10          DORMAN                              AWAY                       7:30 PM


10/22/10          GREENWOOD                      HOME                      7:30 PM



10/29/10          RIVERSIDE                          AWAY                       7:30 PM


11/5/10            HILLCREST                          HOME                     7:30 PM

                                    (Senior Night)





Article Courtesy of GoMauldin.com


Mauldin 24 - Mann 14

 Byrnes 27 - Mauldin 24



Carson Smith                                                                                                     Jake Norman and Carson Smith


Jeremiah Mckie                                                                Jordan Hallums

photo credit Gwinn Davis Tribune Times



Mauldin High's Wendy's High School Heisman page