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Head Girls Tennis Coach - Laura Gurley

JV Girls Tennis Coach - Todd Seagle              todd.seagle@yahoo.com

MAVS Booster Team Rep -  Jeff Skelton

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Mavs Membership Blitz, August 19

The MAVS Booster Club supports the entire athletic program of Maudlin High School and each of its athletic teams.  Our volunteers staff the games and operate concessions.  The proceeds of all our fund raising  endeavors go directly into each athletic team for the purchase of equipment, uniforms, payment of fees, upkeep of fields and courts, and for all other operating costs.  MAVS Booster Club has one mission to support the finest.  Please join our efforts today.

The Annual Mavs Membership Blitz will be held on Sunday, August 19th beginning at Mauldin High. All students that will be participating in Mauldin sports for the 2012-13 school year are expected to attend the Blitz. All Coaches will be present as well. 

What is the Blitz? This is the one time every year that athletes go out and canvas local neighborhoods door to door and ask for residents to join the booster club. The "teams" of car loads will compete for who can bring back the most memberships.  Only parent volunteers will drive the athletes to and from the school and neighborhood. After going door to door everyone meets back at the school for a picnic and prizes to see which cars brought in the most memberships. It really is a great day and a great way to kick off the new school sports year! Parent volunteers are needed. Please sign up with the information on the form below.  

Blitz Parent Volunteer Form

Booster Club Membership Form

Mark your calendars for the Chick Fil A Bowl, Friday, August 17th & Mavs Membership Blitz, August 19th

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JV Mavs Defeat Greenville!

Mauldin 5 Greenville 2

1 C Terlitsky def O Grove 6-1 6-3
2 A Mahaffey def S York 7-6 6-0
3 Maurides  Def C Skelton 6-3 6-4
4 K Huyck def Marron 6-4 6-0
5 S Bowes def Drake 7-5 6-4

1 doubles York/Marron   Def C Yates/ B Rutledge 8-6

2 doubles S LaBelle/ W Watt def Farnsworth/Wilkerson 8-1

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Mann vs. Mauldin results

JL Mann 4 Mauldin 3
T Whisnent (JL) def C Terlitsky 6-4 6-0
R Brown (JL) def A Mahaffey 6-0 6-0
K Huyck def M Howard 3-6 6-3 10-8
S Bowes def E Featherstone 7-6 6-4
B Rutledge def A Collins 6-2 3-6 10-7

1 doubles Whisnent/Brown (JL) def Watt/Yates 6-2 6-0
2 doubles Montgomery/Merline (JL) def LaBelle/Farmer 7-6 6-0

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Mavs Beat Greenville!

Mauldin 7 Greenville 0
Collette Terlitsky def Olivia Groce 6-1 6-0
Ashton Mahaffey def Savannah York 6-3 6-0
Cameron Skelton def Ramsey Conner 7-6 6-0
Kaylee Huyck def Elise Maurides 6-1 7-6
Sydney Bowes def Elizabeth Marron 6-1 3-6 10-2
Cailia Yates/Brooke Rutledge def Mille Drake/Savannah York 6-7, 7-5, 10-8
Whitney Watt/Summer LaBelle def Cullen Farnsworth/Julianne Wilkerson 6-4, 5-7, 10-6.

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Lady Mavs beat St. Joes!

JV Mauldin 4 St Joes 3

S Gibson def C Terlitsky 6-0 6-1
M Milam def A Mahaffey 6-2 6-3
C Skelton def M Milter 3-6, 6-2, 10-4
K Huyck def M Eberly 6-1, 2-6, 10-4
S Bowes def J Forry 1-6, 6-1 10-8

B Rutledge/ A Pearson def C Plumblee/B Swartz 8-7
C Fowler/ S Gibson def K Farmer/ C Leaphart 8-4

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Girls lose to Christ Church by 1 pt.


1 C Terlitsky (M) def J Taylor 6-4, 6-3
2 A Mahaffey (M) def B Wilson 6-3, 3-6, 10-7
3 A Thompson def C Skelton (M) 4-6, 7-6, 10-7
4 R Norwood def K Huyck (M) 6-3, 7-6
5 O Ryan def S Bowes (M) 6-3, 6-0

1 doubles R Bouknight & M Yarbrough def C Yates & B Rutledge (M) 8-5

2 doubles W Watt & S LaBelle (M) def E Robertson & K Yoon 6-7, 7-6, & 10-5.

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