Mauldin High School Booster Club

Mission Statement

The MAVS Booster Club is a group of parents, staff and other interested parties whose mission is to enrich the Mauldin High School athletic community and the community at large by providing financial support for Mauldin High School athletics.

The Booster Club was established as a support to encourage parent participation and to raise funds to enhance and expand the athletic programs that are available to each student at Mauldin High School. The Booster Club believes strongly that parent involvement during the high school years can be a key to the success of the individual student.

In addition to financial support, the Booster Club recognizes that participation in high school athletics benefits everyone, and the Booster Club promotes opportunities to build and strengthen relationships among all involved: the student body, Mauldin High School staff, parents, and the community.

Money is raised through memberships and fundraising activities. Throughout the year, the Booster Club manages banner sales; dine out nights at local restaurants, concessions at most athletic events, and the sale of specialty products.

All members of the Mauldin community are invited and encouraged to become part of the Booster Club and our activities.

Thank you for your support.