'10 Scholar Athletes

Lady Mavs Cross Country tops the chart for highest overall GPA of any Mauldin team for 2nd year in a row! 9 out of the top 10 teams are girls teams with Boys swim team breaking into the top 10 in 8th place!

Top 5 Girls teams - Cross Country, Golf, Tennis, Lacrosse, Swimming  (Top 5 Girls Teams avg. GPA 4.23!)

Top 5 Boys teams - Swimming, Tennis, Cross Country, Lacrosse, Baseball (Top 5 Boys teams avg. GPA 3.73)

Overall GPA average for Mauldin athletics is a 3.75!  Congratulations scholar athletes!  

Grade Point Averages for Athletic Teams
SCHOOL:  Mauldin High School
TEAM AVERAGE TEAM GPA (at end of 2nd Semester)
1. Cross Country-Girls 4.363892857
2. Golf-Girls 4.3496
3. Tennis-Girls 4.220857143
4. Lacrosse-Girls 4.150944444
5. Swimming-Girls 4.150944444
6. Soccer-Girls 4.073135135
7. Volleyball 3.936952381
8. Swimming-Boys 3.926166667
9. Track-Girls 3.882368421
10. Competition Cheer 3.855290323
Tennis-Boys 3.7883
Cross Country-Boys 3.7779375
Softball 3.660782609
Lacrosse-Boys 3.643804878
Baseball 3.5233
Soccer-Boys 3.520897436
Track-Boys 3.518735849
Golf-Boys 3.4919
Wrestling 3.383653846
Basketball-Girls 3.19876
Basketball-Boys 3.097939394
Football 3.053282051


For a student to receive an Academic Honors Award, the student must (1) complete twenty-four units of credit as prescribed: (2) meet the standard on all subtest of the Exit Examination; (3) receive a minimum grade of “B” for each semester course in Grades 9-12 through the seventh semester; and (4) achieve either a score of 710 on the SAT verbal or a score of 690 on the SAT math, or an ACT score of 30 on English or 33 on mathematics OR (1) each student shall have completed twenty-four units of high school credit; (2) be eligible for graduation with a state high school diploma; (3) have a combined score of 1400 on the SAT critical reading and math sections or an ACT composite score of 31. Of the twenty-four units earned, eighteen units must be college preparatory coursework, four units in additional electives and two units in one or more of the following: English, science, social studies or mathematics. Those seniors who have achieved this honor will receive their certificate along with their diploma at graduation. 
The Class of 2010 had 22 students recognized for this award! Logan Birchfield, Amy Carlson, Brendan Casper, Tim Chappell, Laura Cobranchi, Kate Culbreath, Natasha Deshpande, Justin Emerson, Leah Esposito, Scarlett Lindsey, Matthew McCourtie, Caroline McDonough, Ashley Rogers, Marie Schaner, Amy Schlepphorst, Kelsey Starr, Charlotte Teresi, Devon Thurman, Emily Todd, Sarah Vance, Quentin Williams, and Megan Wong. Of those 22 students, 8 are Mauldin High School athletes as well.   Congratulations!! 
Logan Birchfield (Track)
Brendan Casper (Soccer)
Tim Chappell (Lacrosse)
Kate Culbreath (Swimming)
Justin Emerson (Tennis)
Caroline McDonough (Cross Country/Track)
Kelsey Starr (Competive Cheer)
Sarah Vance (Cross Country/Lacrosse)
Congratulations to the Class of 2010 Valedictorian Natasha Deshpande who has the highest GPA of any Mauldin senior in the history of the school!  Amazing 5.407 GPA!! Congratulations to the Class of 2010 Salutatorian Kate Culbreath and Honor Graduates Renee Kulik and Ashley Rogers! 
Announcing the Class of 2010 Top 20 students - Patience Canty, Liz Choe, Kate Culbreath(Swim), Natasha Deshpande, Hunter Faulk (Cross Country/Lacrosse), Charlie Harned (Soccer), Meredith Head, Megan Hurt (Cross Country), Renee Kulik (Cross Country), Caroline McDonough (Cross Country/Track), Alexa Neiling (Cross Country/Track), Ashley Rogers, Marie Schaner, Amy Schlepphorst, Kelsey Starr (Competive Cheer), Charlotte Teresi, Natalie Terlitsky (Swim/Track), Emily Todd, Sarah Vance (Cross Country/Lacrosse), Quentin Williams
Here is a sampling of some of tonight's awards - more to come......
Anthony Stephens - United States Military Academy appointment (West Point)! 
Brendan Casper - United States Naval Academy appointment!
Pepsi Scholarship Greenville County - Natasha Deshpande & Marie Schaner
Stephanie Epps Leadership Award - Amber Shultz
National Merit Commended Students - Kate Culbreath, Devon Thurman
National Achievement Scholar - Quentin Williams
Wendy's High School Heisman - Lexi Neiling & Anthony Stephens
Helen Stokes PTSA Scholarship - Max McKinney & Parker Brookie
SCPTA Outstanding Student Volunteer of the Year - Joseph Hill
National Merit Finalist - Natasha Deshpande
Better Business Bureau Upstate SC Award - Sarah Vance
Spirit of PTSA Award - Aubrey Duggar, Andrea Alonso, Joseph Hill
SCPTA Award of PTSA Student Involvement - entire Student Council
Watson Brown Scholarship - Natasha Deshpande
Woodruff Road Exchange Club Students of the month - Brendan Casper, Lexi Neiling, Aubrey Duggar
Principals Leadership - Natasha Deshpande
Greenville Civitan Award - Brandon Sissel & Johnakin Martin
CERRA Teaching Fellows Scholarships - Lauren Clark, Tiffany Fillion, Johnakin Martin, Victoria Ralph, Chelsea Slessman, Kathryn Teska
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Scholarship - Joseph Hill
Daughters of American Revolution Award - Andrea Alonso
Presidents Volunteer Service Award - Sarah Vance
Some of the Academic Department Awards  Math Dept - Natasha Deshpande, Spanish - Joseph Hill, French - Anila Thomas, Speech & Debate - Rachel Boone, English - Kate Culbreath, Business - Elizabeth Craddock, Social Studies - Natalie Terlitsky, Psychology - Renee Kulik
Cognis Scholarship - Amber Shultz
Tiffany Hendricks Beta Club Scholarship - Katherine Dunn
Amy Moxie Memorial Scholarship - Kevin Wood
National Beta Club Scholarship - Natasha Deshpande
ROTC Scholarships  - Army Adam Bradshaw, Navy Landon Young, Marines Zach Moffitt

Natasha Deshpande (Highest GPA in MHS History 5.407!)


So many awards!  Congratulations!

So proud of our two Military academy appointments this year - Anthony Stephens (West Point) with Mr. & Mrs. Stephens


The Casper family celebrates with Brendan Casper - United States Naval Academy appointment! 


Landon Young - Navy ROTC Scholarship


Zach Moffitt Marine ROTC Scholarship 


Congratulations to Mauldin Seniors Johnakin Martin (MHS Senior Class Treasurer) and Brandon Sissel (MHS Track Captain) for being named the Civitan Club Good Citizenship award winners!  They will be recognized at a banquet on May 3rd at the Poinsett Club.    Mauldin High Civitan Citizenship Awards

Each year the Greenville Civitan Club honors two students (one male, one female) from each area high school who demonstrate good citizenship during their high school career. Good Citizenship includes working unselfishly for the betterment of fellow students and the community. These awards are not based on student popularity, athletic ability or scholastic achievement entirely.

The faculty and staff of Mauldin High School have selected seniors Johnakin Martin, daughter of Lucinda and John Martin of Simpsonville and Brandon Sissel, son of Rhonda and David Sissel of Simpsonville as the awardees of the Civitan Citizenship Award representing MHS. Johnakin and Brandon will be recognized at a banquet at the Poinsett Club along with other awardees from local high schools on Monday, May 3.



Congratulations to Adam Bradshaw (Varsity Lacrosse and Company Commander of Mauldin High NJROTC) who received an Army ROTC scholarship to Presbyterian College and a Navy ROTC scholarship to USC! Each scholarship is valued at $180,000! 


Congratulations to Landon Young who received a $180,000 Navy ROTC scholarship to USC! Landon is a cadet in the Mauldin High NJROTC program.
Congratulations to senior track captain Joseph Hill!  Joseph was selected as the Kappa Alpha Psi Southeast Region Student of the Year!  Joseph interviewed for over 30 minutes and had to give a presentation as part of the competition.  He competed against another student from South Carolina and two students from Georgia.  Joseph will now go on to compete at the national level. In addition to track captain, Joseph is a previous member of the cross country and swim teams, Senior class president, President of Spanish National Honor society, West Point Leader award as a junior, voted most likely to succeed by his senior class and recently named "Mr. Mauldin".  Congratulations, Joseph! 
Mrs. Hill, Joseph, and Mr. Alex Cummings Mauldin Administrator (Joseph's sponsor)
Congratulations to Mauldin senior track/cc standout Lexi Neiling and Mauldin senior soccer standout Brendan Casper who were named Woodruff Road Exchange Club Students of the Month along with Student body co-president Aubrey Duggar.  Lexi, Brendan, and Aubrey will now compete for the Exchange Club Student of the Year.  All three students were featured in the club's recent newsletter . 

 Congratulations to Mauldin senior soccer player Brendan Casper for receiving his official appointment to the United States Naval Academy!  Brendan is also a Company Executive Officer in the Mauldin High Navy JROTC program.  In addition to this appointment Brendan also received a 4 year Air Force ROTC scholarship valued at $180,000 to Clemson, a 4 year Army ROTC Scholarship to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University valued at $180,000 and the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship! Brendan's Naval Academy appointment is valued at over $350,000 and also includes full medical and dental benefits, life insurance, and a monthly salary!

Update - Brendan Casper receives another Academy appointment!  Brendan received an appointment to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy with an opportunity to play soccer for the Coast Guard.  Brendan's U.S. Coast Guard appointment is valued at over $290,000!  




Congratulations to Mauldin Senior Zach Moffitt! Zach has been awarded the prestigious United States Marine Corp ROTC scholarship totaling $180,000!! Zach will attend the University of South Carolina with this scholarship! 


Congratulations to Anthony Stephens who has been awarded the Martin Luther King Jr. scholarship.  He was presented the award during last week's celebration banquet. 
Congratulations to Mauldin Senior student athletes Alexa Neiling (Cross Country/Track) and Anthony Stephens (Football/Basketball) on being named Mauldin High's 2009 Wendy's High School Heisman winners!  Lexi is the 3rd MHS Cross Country athlete to receive this award!  Lauren Klas '06 and Eric Lawson '09 were also Wendy's Heisman winners. Results link for South Carolina High Schools

The Wendy's High School Heisman is the high school awards program that recognizes student scholar athletes and their accomplishments. In its 14th year, the program continues to touch the lives of high school seniors. 2007 saw a change in the application process allowing students to nominate themselves and encouraging more students to become involved.

Created to showcase high school students who excel in academics, athletics, and community/school leadership, the Wendy's Heisman program celebrates the well-rounded student in a way that other student academic awards and athletic awards do not. As millions of high school students begin preparing their applications for the college admissions process, it's important to set yourself apart with unique distinctions-having a great college essay and top grades alone just isn't enough anymore to cut through the intense competition.

Previous Mauldin Wendy's High School Heisman winners

Congratulations to Anthony Stephens who has been awarded the Martin Luther King Jr. scholarship.  He was presented the award during last week's celebration banquet. 



Congratulations to the following Mauldin High Students that received an AP Scholar designation. There were four levels of Scholar designation awarded. The highest level is listed first.
National AP Scholar
Granted to students in the United States who receive an average score of at least 4 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 4 or higher on eight or more of these exams.
Class of 2009
Kelsey Derrick, Devon Johnson, Thomas Koutsogiannis, Julia Peay, Camille Smythe, Rachel Woodlee
AP Scholar with Distinction
Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams. 
Class of 2009
Ahlam Armaly, Jonathan Baddley, Eeshwar Chandresekar, Kelsey Derrick, Joseph Fuson, Morgan Gregg, Lauren Harper, Calynn Johnson, Devon Johnson, Thomas Koutsogiannis, Lauren Kumler, Eric Lawson, Justin Linville, Casey McCullough, Trinh Nguyen, Leslie Olson, Siddharth Parasnavis, Shyam Patel, Julia Peay, Sarah Schaidle, Laura Simon, Camille Smythe, Allison Stahl, Cameron Sutton, Emily Taylor, Alyssa Thornton, Elizabeth Wallin, Megan Warden, Matthew Wessinger, Caroline West, Ariel Whatley, Rachel Woodlee
Class of 2010
Catherine Cahill, Patience Canty, Timothy Chappell, Katherine Culbreath, Natasha Deshpande, Jhilmil Dhulekar, Kathleen Jacob, Ashley Rogers, Sarah Vance, Katherine Witherspoon
AP Scholar with Honor
Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams.
Class of 2009
Caitlin Carter, Elizabeth Choe, Caitlin Chrisey, Jessica Collyer, Caroline Gray, Suzamelony Her, Megan Jones, Nicholas Smith
Class of 2010
Justin Emerson, Kaelie Giffel, Brady Hammond, Savannah Hiller, Pravin Ranasinghe, Nicholas Schauder, Quentin Williams
AP Scholar
Granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams.
Class of 2009
Michael Adamson, Renee Anderson, Shannon Brennan, Emma-Louise Czyz, Ellyn Finney, Geena Hammond, Samantha Hart, Elizabeth Heaton, Hannah Mahaffey, Arielle McCullough, Edgar McIntosh, Kristen McMillin, Elizabeth Messman, Kathryn Millet,
Ryne Moody, Jonathan Panning, Nikhil Patel, Amanda Qui, Tyler Rae, Andrew Shaw, Curren Smith, Kristen Smith, Caroline Tracy, Dustin Wagers, Katherine Wallace, Rachel Walt, Carley West, Lauren Wilkinson, Gabriela Zambrano
Class of 2010
Stephen Brown, Brendan Casper, Brendan Cohen, Katherine Conroy, Matthew Courter, Nikki Crabtree, Megan Cummings, Tiffany Fillion, Charles Harned, John Harris, Meredith Head, Shannon Kilcoyne, Renee Kulik, Scarlett Lindsey, Caroline McDonough, Rebecca Qui, Haley Robertson, Amy Schlepphorst, Chelsea Slessman, Kristen Starks, Samuel Taylor, Charlotte Teresi, Emily Todd, Zachary Wilson




National Honor Society induction 2009-2010


September, 2009 Some of the Spanish National Honor Society Officers, Inductees, and Members