'13 Scholar Athletes


Here is a sampling of the May 1st, 2013 Senior Awards Night. Congratulations, Seniors!

Valedictorian - Kathy Jones

Salutatorian -Robert (Zach) McGill

Honor Graduates #3 -Ansley Speaks, #4 Amy Bruchon

Top 20 Students from the Class of 2013 (in no specific order) Amy Bruchon, Ansley Speaks, Brian Lincoln, Brittany Fales, Brittany Walker, Grace Fulmer, Hayley Behal, Jessica Bigner, Julianne Howerton, Kaitlyn Styles, Kathleen Cole, Kathryn Jones, Laura Collyer, Michelle Thomas, Morgan Rogers, Natalie Sult, Olivia Hodge, Rachel Keith, Renata Micozzi, Robert McGill.

South Carolina Honors Awards -For a student to receive an Academic Honors Award, the student must (1) complete 24 units of credit (2) meet the standard on all subtest of the Exit Exams (3) receive a minimum grade of B for each semester for each semester course in Grades 9-12 through the seventh semester and (4) achieve specified SAT or ACT test socres. Of the 24 units earned, 18 units must be college prep coursework, 4 units in additional electives and 2 units in one or more of the following - English, science, social studies or mathematics. These seniors will receive a certificate which pairs with their diploma from the state of South Carolina. 

Hayley Behal, Olivia Bereshim, Jessica Bigner, Kathleen Cole, Laura Collyer, Marissa Crum, James Dority, Sean Douglas, Brittany Fales, Sadie Ferrell, Mitchell Finney, Grace Fulmer, Sydney Harkins, Kathy Jones, Rachel Keith, Victor Martins, Robert McGill, Emily Praktish, Myron Reese, Morgan Rogers, Brooke Rutledge, Ansley Speaks, Kaitlyn Styles, Natalie Sult, Hannah Tanner, Michelle Thomas, Caila Yates. 

Palmetto Fellows - to receive a Palmetto Fellows scholarship, students have to meet requirements in one of two ways. Students may rank in the top 6% of their sophomore or junior class, score 1200 on the SAT or 27 on the ACT and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 at the end of the junior year OR they may have  a cumulative GPA of 4.0 and score 1400 on the SAT or 32 on the ACT. 

Hayley Behal, Olivia Beresheim, Jessica Bigner, Ashley Brady, Amy Bruchon, Kathleen Cole, Laura Collyer, James Dority, Sean Douglas, Brittany Fales, Grace Fulmer, Danielle Galyer, Sydney Harkins, Olivia Hodge, Julianne Howerton, Kathy Jones, Rachel Keith, Brian Lincoln, Robert McGill, Renata Micozzi, Michaela Myers, Mitchell Panning, Morgan Rogers, Camren Skelton, Ansley Speaks, Kaitlyn Styles, Natalie Sult, Hannah Turner, Michelle Thomas, Brittany Walker, Gracy Windey. 

National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist - Kathleen Cole, Brittany Fales, Mogan Rogers

National Merit Finalist - Kathleen Cole

National Achievement Scholarship - Kathy Jones, Myron Reese, Brittany Walker

12 years of Perfect Attendance - Jeremy McLaughlin, Jamaal Colclough

SAT High Math Award - Robert McGill (780)

ACT High Math Award - Brittany Fales (34)

SAT Math 700 or higher - Ansley Speaks, Jessica Bigner, Grace Fulmer, Michelle Thomas, Mithcell Panning, Matthew Roach, Kathleen Cole, Hannah Tanner

1500 SAT Club - Brittany Fales, Robert McGill

1400 SAT Club - Kathleen Cole, Grace Fulmer, Sean Douglas, Mitchell Panning

1300 SAT Club - Olivia Beresheim, Matthew Hurley, Matthew Roach, Michelle Thomas, Hannah Tanner, Kathy Jones, Ansley Speaks, Julianne Howerton, Rachel Keith, Angela Faith Thomas, Daniel Toro, Biran Lincoln, Myron Reese, Morgan Rogers, Jessica Bigner, Michaela Myers, Hayley Behal, Amy Bruchon, Laura Collyer, Craig Houghton, Rachel Mosser, Karmen Vigo. 

1200 SAT Club - Marissa Crum, Danielle Galyer, William Peay, Brittany Walker, Caila Yates, Harrison Ambrose, Pearson Mann, Shane Parent, Noah LaBelle, Grace Windey, Joseph Berry, Kevin Galvao, Anthony Rizzo, Sydney Vail, Mitchell Finney, Camren Skelton, Allison Stone, Armaan Ahmed, Morgan Brizendine, Clayton Stoddard, Kaitlyn Styles, Natalie Sult, Kathryn Watson, Robert Ennis, Christopher Long, Nicholas Loveless, Rory Feigel, Caroline Trojan, Thomas Watkins, Andrew Yenson, Esther Choe, James Dority, Michael Fusonie, Elizabeth Kim

32-33 ACT Club - Victor Martins, James Dority, Robert McGill, Morgan Rogers, Hannah Turner, Brittany Fales, Kathy Jones

29-31 ACT Club - Jessica Bigner, Moran Brizendine, Mitchell Finney, Kevin Galvao, Julianne Howerton, Nicholas Loveless, Michaela Myers, Shane Parent, Kaitlyn Styles, Natalie Sult, Caila Yates, Jonathan Krumins, Brian Lincoln, Emily Praktish, Myron Reese, Olivia Beresheim, Rachel Keith

27-28 ACT Club - Sadie Ferrell, Danielle Galyer, Sydney Harkins, Olivia Hodge, Matthew Hurley, Renata Micozzi, Ansley Speaks, Jennifer Stansell, Michelle Thomas, Andrew Yenson, Joseph Berry, Ashley Brady, Marissa Crum, Frances Erb, Allie Johnson, Noah LaBelle, Matthew Roach, Brooke Rutledge, Matthew Schifferdecker, Dalton Shaak, Camren Skelton, Amanda Swackhammer, Brittany Walker 

Amy Moxie Memorial Swim Scholarship - Danielle Galyer, Pearson Mann, Emily Kouten, Laura Tanzey

Bell Tower Merit Scholarship Furman University - Hayley Behal

United States Marine Corp Awards 

  Distinquished Athlete - Ansley Speaks

  Scholastic Excellence - Nicholas Silvaggio

  Musical Excellence - Grace Fulmer

Martin Luther King Youth Awards

 Outstanding Achievement in Music - Mitchell Lacer

 Outstanding Achievement in Leadership - Kasey Brown

 Outstanding Achievement in Athletics - Chris Sullivan

 National Merit CSX Scholarship, funded by CSX Corp. - Kathleen Cole












Congratulations to Mauldin junior Christopher Sullivan on receiving the West Point Leadership Award. West Point Leadership Award - The award is given each year to one high school junior based on their academic, athletic, community service, good citizenship and leadership abilities.  The winner is invited to attend the West Point Strong Leader Academy in the summer at the McGrady National Guard Training Center in Columbia, SC.