Mauldin Navy JROTC

Naval Science Instructor:                                CDR Shelton

Naval Science Instructor:                                MCPO Cliff Bailey 

Company Commander (CO):                          

Company Executive Officer (XO):  


Important Dates:
April 13th -- Comm. Serv. (God's Pantry), Softball Tourney (Wren HS, Piedmont, SC)
April 13th & 14th -- Goodwill Mud Run (SC-TAC [formerly Donaldson Ctr.])
April 16th -- Awards Dinner & Ceremony (MHS Atrium & Audi)
April 27th (possible date) -- (HOST) Maverick NS1 Drill Meet, MHS
April 27th -- March For Babies (G'ville Tech)
May 13th (Monday) -- Comm. Serv. (God's Pantry)
May 18th -- Comm. Serv. (Adopt-A-Hwy.)
June 9th-14th -- Sailing Academy
June 16th-20th -- Mini Boot Camp
June 17th-22nd -- Leadership Academy (The Citadel)
Site for latest & greatest:
Phone Numbers:
CDR Shelton: (864) 355-6607
MC Bailey: (864) 355-6600

MHS NJROTC wins four trophies at the NS1 (Freshman) Drill Meet at Wren H.S. (2nd Place - Unarmed Squad, Armed Squad, and Academic, and 3rd Place - Armed Platoon). Go Mav Navy! 

  Attention Parents:

Whether you want to volunteer, come out and show your support, or just be better informed about what's happening in NJROTC I would like to contact you.  Please send me an email at and I will reply with an email questionnaire that will let me know what kind of information you are looking for and let you know what kind of assistance the unit is looking for from us as parents.  Thanks, Candy Stiffey


Mauldin NJROTC Information Meeting

The Mauldin NJROTC will hold three information meetings for rising freshmen and new cadets on March 29 & 31 and April 7 beginning at 6:30pm. The March 29 meeting will be held in classroom D105 while March 31 and April 7 will be held in the auditorium. All meetings will be held at the Mauldin High School.


NJROTC Cadets Chosen for STEM

Two Mauldin High School Navy JROTC cadets have been selected to participate in the 2011 science, technology, engineering and math program (STEM).  The STEM program sends JROTC cadets to various colleges and universities where they spend seven days studying with professors and engineering field leaders.  Student selections are based on academic performance, their aptitude for the JROTC program and their desire to pursue a technical career after high school.  Only 800 students out of 17,000 are selected for this program.  The selectees from Mauldin High are Cadets Kale Shipley and Lem Walt.  Kale will travel to Daytona Beach, Florida where he will attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University while Lem will attend the University of San Diego, California.  All travel, lodging and meals are paid for by the United States Navy and provided by the participating schools.


Congratulations to Mauldin Senior Andy Taylor who received a phone call today informing him that he won the Clemson University Army ROTC Scholarship! Andy is the 2nd highest ranking cadet in the Mauldin NJROTC program. Andy is the Battalion Executive Officer and been part of MHS NJROTC for two years. Congratulations, Andy!


MHS NJROTC Finished 2nd Overall in Competition

Mauldin High NJROTC teams had a successful competition weekend. Competing against 15 schools the "Maverick Navy" brought home six new trophies, three third place trophies, Freshmen Color guard, Unarmed Platoon, and Academic. One second place trophy for Unarmed squad drill and first place in Armed squad drill. NJROTC also finished 2nd overall, which was the first time the group has placed overall in a meet.  



Mauldin Navy JROTC program instills leadership

Written by Liz Segrist   

Wednesday, 29 September 2010 19:22

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Mauldin High School Senior Chad Arness has already enlisted in the Army as part of what he calls a higher calling. He said participating in Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, or NJROTC, is just a beginning step for him.  “I love the military life,” said Arness, the Kid Cadet Commander at Wednesday's award ceremony. “This gives you a sense of discipline with well-rounded people and just an awesome group to hang around.”

Citizenship, leadership and responsibility: the three things the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps strive to teach students at Maudlin High School.

NJROTC is a nationwide accredited program – funded by the U.S. Navy - for accredited high schools.  Mauldin High School

petitioned the Navy for the program and was one of two schools in the country to met all of the 10 requirements necessary for NJROTC to start at the high school.

The Mauldin area and the high school’s ability to meet these standards attracted Denny Shelton from Southern Ohio to become the NJROTC Commander at the high school. He recently retired from a 20 year career as a naval aviator who flew helicopters.

Shelton said when the bicentennial happened in the 1970’s and the Vietnam War had just ended it was important to everyone and he’s afraid some of that patriotism has been lost.

“There were flags flying everywhere,” Shelton said. “You just don’t see as many flags out on porches these days and that’s what we’re trying to instill. The country is working for you, now what can you give back to your country?”

NJROTC uses field meets, daily platoons, competitions, academics, community service, athleticism, and physical fitness training to teach responsibility and leadership. It is however not a recruiting tool in any way.

“It’s an opportunity to learn leadership,” NJROTC's Administrative Officer Danielle Birchfield, a junior at Mauldin High School.

NJROTC is an elective at Mauldin High School and students can receive a physical education credit. Students have everyday platoons and drill meets on the weekends. The cadets critic the daily platoons for improvements, such as perfected lines and formations, timeliness and perfect dress code.

The academic topics are divided up according to grades. Naval science and history; technicalities about ships and aircrafts; leadership and ethics and basic cadet standards are some of the main learning themes.

“They learn things they can actually take out into the world with them,” Shelton said.

Shelton said this program teaches students to really take responsibility for their actions.

“It’s not like you get sent to the office if you’ve done something wrong, it’s you’ve done something wrong, now let’s go do 50 push-ups,” Shelton said.

Photo: NJROTC Kid Cadet Commander Chad Arness works with cadets at an awards ceremony Wednesday at Mauldin High School. Taken by Liz Segrist.


St. Francis Mud Run - Maverick NJROTC takes 1st place with a time of 0:39:21 in the JROTC Division.

Maverick NJROTC (52) 39:21
Greenwood Eagles (19) 42:08
Bulldogs (591) 44:34

Austin Grant, Brendan Casper, Justin Reznick and Jay Puckett

Activation Ceremony 4/28/2010

What a beautiful day for the Mauldin High Navy JROTC Activation ceremony!   Congratulations to Master Chief Bailey, Principal Ann Miller, all members of the MHS NJROTC and families!  You showed Mauldin your best today and we are so proud of all of you! 

Photo album of the MHS NJROTC Activation Ceremony 4/28/2010

Special thanks to Sandy Lawson for all the great photo's!


Master Chief Bailey, Principal Ann Miller, Superintendent Dr. Fisher show their awards


Another great cake by Gretchen's ABS cakes!


Kris Lacer leads his squad


Mrs. Mayfield and the Mauldin High chorus performs

 Adam Bradshaw presents Dr. Fisher with an award.  Mauldin High band performs at ceremony.


The Lacer brothers with Colonel Mindy Williams

Mauldin Track team has the most NJROTC members of any other sport

Joseph Berry, Marc Delisle, Greg Krieg, Danielle Birchfield, Jenna Lew, and Caitlin Moore

NJROTC Softball Tournament at Wren High School April 17th finishing in 3rd place.




Basic Leadership Training AKA Mini-Bootcamp.Complete Packages Due No later than May 3rd.
There are 2 Male spots available.  Contact
Master Chief!

Results from the March 27th Wren HS drill meet:

Competing against 8 other high schools Mauldin's NJROTC took:

Drill: 1st place Armed Squad
2nd place Color Guard
2nd place Individual
2nd place Armed Platoon
3rd place Unarmed Squad
3rd place Unarmed Platoon
1st Place Overall Drill

Academics: 1st place team
1st, 2nd and 3rd place Individual

Physical Fitness Test: 2nd place team, 1st place Individual.

Second Place Overall meet.

Congratulations to Adam Bradshaw for receiving a 4 year NROTC scholarship to USC and a 4 year AROTC scholarship to Presbyterian College. Adam is the Company Officer in the NJROTC program.

Congratulations to Brendan Casper for receiving an appointment to the United States Naval Academy and the United States Coast Guard Academy, a 4 year AFROTC scholarship to Clemson University and a 4 year AROTC scholarship to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Brendan is the Company Executive Officer in the NJROTC program.

Congratulations to Landon Young for receiving a 4 year NROTC scholarship to USC. Landon is a cadet in the NJROTC program.





First Trophy for MHS NJROTC!

In their first ever competition, out of 25 schools the MHS NJROTC unit finished 2nd in the 800 yard relay, bringing home the first trophy ever for the unit. The unit will participate in the NJROTC annual drill meet after school on September 24th at the Donaldson Center. 

NJROTC Official Website

 NJROTC Portal


Mauldin High is the host of the newest Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) in all of South and North Carolina which comprises the area, collectively know as NJROTC Area Six. The area opened one new unit for the 2009-2010 school year and Mauldin is that unit. It now stands as the sixty-seventh unit in the two state area. There were fewer than 20 units that will be opened for 2009-10 nation wide. Many schools try to establish these units for years without success. The fact that Mauldin High was picked as the site for this unit, speaks volumes and represents a large measure of confidence that the school will have a prosperous unit. And there is every reason to believe there will be a great unit at Mauldin. Lieutenant Commander  Al Carden (Senior Instructor) and Master Chief Cliff Bailey (Naval Science Instructor) have been selected to be the instructors for the unit. Carden and Bailey are retired from active duty with well over 20 years of active duty each. Carden stated, “I was an instructor at Easley High School, as was my associate Master Chief Bailey. Easley is considered one of the best, if not the best unit in the two state area and the entire nation. It would have taken a special situation to convince us to leave what we had. We believe that Mauldin is that special situation. This unit has tremendous potential. With all the supportive parents, faculty and the outstanding students that this school has to offer, it was something both of us were attracted to immediately.”

NJROTC is a program that fosters citizenship, leadership, patriotism, teamwork, and more. The program includes classroom lecture, military drill/uniform, and physical training (PT). Participation in the program the first year provides a student with Physical Education credit required for graduation. Subsequent years in the program count as elective credit. The unit also offers after school competitive activities and will feature many field trips to military installations and more. Most materials needed for participation, such as military uniforms, are funded and provided by the U.S. Navy. Although the student does not incur any military obligation and the program is not a recruiting program, the student does benefit through advanced standing upon enlistment. Scholarships and service academy appointments are also available for those who qualify.

For more information contact Master Chief Cliff Bailey