'09 Scholar Athletes

Congratulations to the top five Mauldin Athletic teams (based on GPA Averages for 2008-2009 school year)
Girls Team - Top 5 Team Avg (4.28)
1. Girls Cross Country 4.446
2. Girls Track 4.314
3. Girls Swim 4.243
4. Girls Soccer 4.222
5. Girls Golf 4.209

Boys Teams Top 5 Team Avg. (3.75)
1. Boys Tennis 3.896
2. Boys Cross Country 3.866
3. Boys Lacrosse 3.701
4. Baseball 3.659
5. Boys Swim 3.643


Congratulations to the following Mauldin High Students that received an AP Scholar designation. There were four levels of Scholar designation awarded. The highest level is listed first.
National AP Scholar
Granted to students in the United States who receive an average score of at least 4 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 4 or higher on eight or more of these exams.
Class of 2009
Kelsey Derrick, Devon Johnson, Thomas Koutsogiannis, Julia Peay, Camille Smythe, Rachel Woodlee
AP Scholar with Distinction
Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams. 
Class of 2009
Ahlam Armaly, Jonathan Baddley, Eeshwar Chandresekar, Kelsey Derrick, Joseph Fuson, Morgan Gregg, Lauren Harper, Calynn Johnson, Devon Johnson, Thomas Koutsogiannis, Lauren Kumler, Eric Lawson, Justin Linville, Casey McCullough, Trinh Nguyen, Leslie Olson, Siddharth Parasnavis, Shyam Patel, Julia Peay, Sarah Schaidle, Laura Simon, Camille Smythe, Allison Stahl, Cameron Sutton, Emily Taylor, Alyssa Thornton, Elizabeth Wallin, Megan Warden, Matthew Wessinger, Caroline West, Ariel Whatley, Rachel Woodlee
Class of 2010
Catherine Cahill, Patience Canty, Timothy Chappell, Katherine Culbreath, Natasha Deshpande, Jhilmil Dhulekar, Kathleen Jacob, Ashley Rogers, Sarah Vance, Katherine Witherspoon
AP Scholar with Honor
Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams.
Class of 2009
Caitlin Carter, Elizabeth Choe, Caitlin Chrisey, Jessica Collyer, Caroline Gray, Suzamelony Her, Megan Jones, Nicholas Smith
Class of 2010
Justin Emerson, Kaelie Giffel, Brady Hammond, Savannah Hiller, Pravin Ranasinghe, Nicholas Schauder, Quentin Williams
AP Scholar
Granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams.
Class of 2009
Michael Adamson, Renee Anderson, Shannon Brennan, Emma-Louise Czyz, Ellyn Finney, Geena Hammond, Samantha Hart, Elizabeth Heaton, Hannah Mahaffey, Arielle McCullough, Edgar McIntosh, Kristen McMillin, Elizabeth Messman, Kathryn Millet,
Ryne Moody, Jonathan Panning, Nikhil Patel, Amanda Qui, Tyler Rae, Andrew Shaw, Curren Smith, Kristen Smith, Caroline Tracy, Dustin Wagers, Katherine Wallace, Rachel Walt, Carley West, Lauren Wilkinson, Gabriela Zambrano
Class of 2010
Stephen Brown, Brendan Casper, Brendan Cohen, Katherine Conroy, Matthew Courter, Nikki Crabtree, Megan Cummings, Tiffany Fillion, Charles Harned, John Harris, Meredith Head, Shannon Kilcoyne, Renee Kulik, Scarlett Lindsey, Caroline McDonough, Rebecca Qui, Haley Robertson, Amy Schlepphorst, Chelsea Slessman, Kristen Starks, Samuel Taylor, Charlotte Teresi, Emily Todd, Zachary Wilson
For a student to receive an Academic Honors Award, the student must (1) complete twenty-four units of credit as prescribed: (2) meet the standard on all subtest of the Exit Examination; (3) receive a minimum grade of “B” for each semester course in Grades 9-12 through the seventh semester; and (4) achieve either a score of 710 on the SAT verbal or a score of 690 on the SAT math, or an ACT score of 30 on English or 33 on mathematics OR (1) each student shall have completed twenty-four units of high school credit; (2) be eligible for graduation with a state high school diploma; (3) have a combined score of 1400 on the SAT critical reading and math sections or an ACT composite score of 31. Of the twenty-four units earned, eighteen units must be college preparatory coursework, four units in additional electives and two units in one or more of the following: English, science, social studies or mathematics. Those seniors who have achieved this honor will receive their certificate along with their diploma at graduation. 
The Class of 2009 had 34 students recognized for this award! Of those 34 students, 9 are Mauldin High School athletes as well.   Congratulations!! 
Ellyn Finney (Cross Country)
Morgan Gregg (Volleyball)
Alyson Knapp (Track)
Eric Lawson (Cross Country/Track)
Casey McCullough (Cross Country)
Sarah Schaidle (Soccer)
Emily Taylor (Soccer)
Matthew Wessinger (Lacrosse)
Rachel Woodlee (Volleyball)
South Carolina High School League Scholar Athlete Awards 
Each year coaches are asked to nominate their best and brightest to the South Carolina High School league for the Scholar Athlete Awards. These students must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher on the South Carolina uniform grading scale. In addition, these students must letter in at least two sports or twice in one sport. We are pleased to present the following students with Scholar Athlete awards.
Criteria for nomination as set forth by SCHSL -
The League is pleased to sponsor a Scholar Athlete recognition program. The purpose of this program is to identify students in our member schools who qualify as outstanding athletes and at the same time maintain a high academic standard. Last year over 1,500 students were honored.
All nominees must meet the following standards: 
1.      Be a senior.
2.      Must have lettered in two sports for at least one season or in one sport for at least two seasons.
3.      Must have maintained at least a 3.5 GPA for seven semesters. 
4.      Must have exhibited outstanding citizenship and sportsmanship.
5.      Non-Competitive Cheerleaders do not qualify.
6.      It is recommended that the student letter as a Senior.
The Committee considers these standards to be rather stringent. It is very possible that a school in a given year will not have anyone to qualify and in another year may have several students qualifying. There is no limit on the number.
Chris Askew
Jonathan Baddley
Taylor Baughman
Amber Creasy
Samantha Fulmer
Joey Fuson
Kyle Galt
Elaina Granger
Elizabeth Heaton
Ted Hyman
Megan Jones
Philip Kelly
Kimberly Klas
Kira Koenig
Eric Lawson
Kevin Lempke
Mark Lew
Adam Maalouf
Bennie Mozingo
Andrew Ollem
Tyler Rae
Andrew Shaw
Laura Simon
Cal Swift
Caroline Tracy
Libby Wallin
Megan Warden
Matt Wessinger
Carly West
Genelle Williams
Rachel Woodlee


Andrew Shaw named Academic All American Lacrosse Player!

Andrew has maintained an "A" average, and a 4.932 GPA while at MHS. In the six years that MHS has had a boys lacrosse team, one of its players has won the Academic All American Award three times. Congratulations, Andrew!!


Jon Baddley-All State and All Star Lax player, Coach Ryan, Andrew Shaw-Academic All American!  

Scholarship Winners
Congratulations to Libby Wallin for being selected as a recipient of the Nikki Moose Memorial Scholarship from the South Carolina Cheerleading Coaches Association. Libby was one of four chosen for this scholarship throughout the state and the first Mauldin High School cheerleader to receive this scholarship. Congratulations Libby! 

Eric Lawson named Woodruff Road Exchange Club Student of the Year and wins $1,000 scholarship. 

PTSA Helen Stokes Scholarship Awards: Libby Wallin and Eric Lawson - 8 scholarships awarded in the state - only 2 in upstate from MHS


Mauldin High school had a record number of Hollingsworth Scholarships awarded today by Furman University.  It was not only a record for Mauldin but it is also the most awarded to one school since the program began!  Today, Ms. Jeny Kerscher (Furman University Admissions) came to Mauldin to surprise Celeste Peay and Eric Lawson with their Hollingsworth Scholarship award.  Jon Baddley was awarded the Hollingsworth in the early decision rounds.   Jon has committed to Furman University while Celeste and Eric have not yet finalized their college choices.  In addition, Senior Guidance Counselor Jane Smith said that Mauldin is sending a record number of students to Furman this year, more than any other year in the past at Mauldin.  Go MAVS!!!

Update - Since the inception of the Hollingsworth scholarship in 2006, there have been 6 recipients from Mauldin - the most awarded to any school in the state - an honor they also share with South Carolina Governor's School for Math & Science! 

Principal Ann Miller, Kevin, Sandy & Eric Lawson, Celeste, Ken & Leadaire Peay, Jeny Kerscher, Jon, Janice, Scott Baddley, and Senior Guidance Counselor Jane Smith  


Mauldin High seniors Libby Wallin and Eric Reid were selected by the MHS staff to receive the Civitan Citizenship Award.  Libby and Eric will be honored at a banquet along with winners from other area high schools on May 4th at the Pointsett Club. Eric is the son of Johnny and the late Angelia Reid of Mauldin. Libby is the daughter of Bonnie and F. Bogue Wallin of Simpsonville.



 Congratulations to the following Mauldin Junior athletes that were named Junior Marshalls for Graduation 2009 -
Kate Culbreath (Swim Team), Ashley Rogers, Renee Kulik (Cross Country),  Hunter Faulk (Cross Country/Lacrosse), Sarah Vance (Cross Country/Lacrosse), Caroline McDonough (Cross Country/Track),  Kelsey Starr (Competitive Cheer)


Every year six Mauldin students and six Hillcrest students are chosen as the Woodruff Road Exchange Club Students of the Month.  They go on to compete for a Student of the Year scholarship.  Last night the Mauldin students were recognized at the Woodruff Road Exchange club monthly meeting.  Congratulations to the six Mauldin Students of the Month - Renee Anderson, Anthony James, Eric Lawson, Nichole Mele, Celeste Peay, and Rachel Woodlee!!



Congratulations to Mauldin's Laura Simon and Andrew Tanzey for being named USA Swimming Scholastic All-Americans!


Students must have a Junior National qualifiying time as well as a GPA of at least 3.5 to apply for this award. 

Read more here

Congratulations to Senior Volleyball standout, Rachel Woodlee who earned a commended student designation in the National Merit Scholarship Program.  While she did not progress in the scholarship competition she scored in the top 4% of all juniors nationally taking the PSAT last October.

Congratulations to Senior Cross Country/Track athlete JD Donoso for being inducted into the National French Honor Society.

Congratulations to the following Student Athletes from the Class of 2009 that were named:

AP Scholars
Granted to students who receive grades of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams:
Megan Jones, Sarah Schaidle, Andrew Shaw, Curren Smith, Caroline Tracy, Megan Warden, Ariel Whatley, Lauren Wilkinson 

AP Scholar With Honors
Granted to students who receive an average grade of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and grades of 3 or higher on four or more:
Jon Baddley, Joey Fuson, Morgan Gregg, Laura Simon, Emily Taylor, Libby Wallin, Matt Wessinger

AP Scholar With Distinction
Granted to students who receive an average grade of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and grades of 3 or higher on five or more:
Eric Lawson, Casey McCullough, Rachel Woodlee

Mauldin High forms it 1st ever National Spanish Honor Society chapter, Los Toros.  Many of our athletes were inducted into the new chapter.

Spanish National Honor Society President Morgan Gregg and Vice President Joseph Hill

Senior scholar athletes Megan Jones, Matt Wessinger, Mrs. Yown, Jon Baddley, Ryne Moody, Mrs. Turner, Caroline Tracy, and Eric Lawson

Football players and scholars Kirby Broome & Andrew Shaw

Soccer players and scholars Allison Nelson and Sarah Schaidle

Cross Country scholar athletes Megan Hurt, Lexi Neiling, Caroline McDonough, Liz Heaton & Eric Lawson

Lacrosse Scholar athletes Jon Baddley & Matt Wessinger

Tennis scholar athletes Caroline Tracy & Megan Jones

The following sports teams made the top five list for highest overall GPA average of their athletes.  Congratulations!! The Girls Basketball team and the Boys Tennis team had the highest GPA average at Mauldin!

Girls Teams -
#1 Basketball
#2 Cross Country
#3 Swimming
#4 Tennis
#5 Soccer

Boys Teams -
#1 Tennis
#2 Cross Country
#3 Swimming
#4 Soccer
#5 Lacrosse

Congratulations to the 2007 National Honor Society inductees.  Many of the inductees also participate in MHS Athletics. 
Senior Inductees - Kara DiNicola, Kyle Fry, Amanda Goepfert, Michelle Rojas, Claire Teresi, Amber Thomas, Caroline Stadler
Junior Inductees - Kristin Arabea, Ahlam Armaly, Jamie Benjumea, Shannon Brennan, Catherine Cahill, Kelsie Coker, Jhilmil Dhuler, Ellyn Finney, Morgan Gregg, Brennan Hansley, Samantha Hart, Elizabeth Heaton, Anthony James, Jacob Johnson, Megan Jones, Alyson Knapp, Lauren Kumler, Eric Lawson, Adam Maalouf, Hannah Mahaffey, Marisa Markwardt, Kristen McMillin, Elizabeth Messman, Kaitlyn Millet, Amy Moon, Leslie Olson, Celeste Peay, Ross Richardson, Laura Simon, Curren Smith, Nicholas Smith, Kristen Smith, Leah Sullivan, Emily Taylor, Alyssa Thornton, Caroline Tracy, Amber Senn, Katherine Wallace, Elizabeth Wallin, Megan Warden, Caroline West, Ariel Whatley, Courtney Woodward, Rachel Woodlee, Stephanie Zeady. 

Thank you to the 2007 NHS Officers for helping with the ceremony - Ty Clark & Cam Bloomquist (Co-Presidents), Angela Haas, Margaret Wilkerson, Stephen Chappell , Alyssa Goodson, Megan Chrissy, Melissa Colebank.

Photo album from the2007 Mauldin High NHS Induction ceremony

Eric Lawson (Cross Country/Track), Alyson Knapp (Soccer), Caroline Tracy (Tennis),
Megan Jones (Tennis), Rachel Woodlee (Volleyball)